‘Blacklight: Retribution’ Coming To Playstation 4 [Video]

Blacklight Retribution coming to PS 4

Blacklight: Retribution is going to be coming to the Playstation 4. The free-to-play computer game was announced as one of the games that will be making the jump to the next generation console in the coming months.

While free-to-play games has been something that has been huge when it comes to mobile devices, console gaming has been decidedly divided on whether or not it could work on the platform. It seems like 2013 is going to either be the year of the F2P games, or the year that proves that they don’t work on regular gaming consoles.

Zombie Studios released the game as a PC exclusive game last year. Sony announced at the Game Developers Conference that they were officially bringing the game over to their newest console. The company announced that the game will indeed also be free-to-play when it hits the new console.

This first person shooter will allow you to customize your character and give yourself a ton of new and original weaponry. The game is set in the very near future and most of the weapons won’t be much more advanced than what we have today.

Blacklight: Retribution has 10 different maps that people can play on and it has nine different modes. When you boot up the game you will be able to play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Netwar, Kill Confirmed, and Onslaught.

Onslaught is the game’s co-op mode when it comes to the Playstation 4. The game has been set up to be multi-player and will allow people to play online rather easily.

The announcement of this game coming to the PS4 means that gamers now know a few of the games headed to Sony’s next generation console before we even know for sure that there is an Xbox 720. Microsoft needs to announce their next console quickly or they are going to cede the console wars before they even begin.

Are you going to be playing Blacklight: Retribution?