Fitness Trainer Kayla Itsines Demonstrates Quick Postural Routine In Blue Sports Bra And Black Shorts

On Monday, Kayla Itsines gave her 12.1 million-plus Instagram followers another dose of "fitspiration." The well-known fitness trainer took to the popular social media app to share a set of instructional videos, which included a complete postural routine for fans to try.

While introducing the workout routine to her audience, Kayla noted that the set of exercises could be particularly helpful to people that spend most of their workday sitting at a desk. Additionally, the exercises could also be useful to new mothers looking to re-build their strength.

The stunner explained that the routine is quick and simple to complete, as the entire circuit only takes about 10 minutes and could be performed with only three pieces of equipment -- a foam roller, an exercise mat, and a resistance band.

For the demonstration, Kayla rocked a light blue sports bra, black running shorts, and a pair of white sneakers.

She kicked off the video by performing an upper back stretch, utilizing her foam roller for the task. She placed the roller underneath her upper back and laid on top of it in a sit-up position. She lifted her core area off the ground, then slowly began rolling up and down from her lower neck to the middle of her back.

Kayla used a bright pink resistance band for the next exercise, which was intended to stretch out the pectoral area. She held one end of the band behind her back and grasped the other end from over her head, proceeding to pull it up toward the ceiling -- a position she held for approximately 20 seconds.

Next up were shoulder rotations, which saw her grip the resistance band with both hands. She followed the stance by rotating her arms from in front of her chest to behind her back.

The next exercise in the postural routine was a set of face pulls. For this move, Kayla looped her resistance band around her feet -- which were stretched out in front of her -- and pulled her arms back toward her head to stretch her shoulders and back. She followed these up with a set of external rotations, in which she held the band with a supinated grip in front of her torso. She then rotated her arms out while keeping her elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.

The final exercise in the routine was set of bent-over rows, which also involved utilizing the resistance band. Kayla stepped on the elastic band with her feet shoulder-length apart and bent over at her hips. Keeping her back straight, she pulled the resistance band back by bringing her shoulder blades close together. She then released back into the starting position before repeating the process.

Kayla's latest video update proved to be a hit with her Instagram followers. Within just six hours of going live, the series of instructional clips racked up more than 23,000 likes, along with several comments from fans thanking the workout queen for her advice.

"Good stuff!! Great to see tips like these!" wrote one Instagram user.

"I am definitely saving this one, thank you, Kayla," commented another fan.

"This is awesome! I wish I could do it while sitting in my cubical haha," joked a third admirer.

While Kayla has her own fitness subscription program that users can sign up for, she often takes to her Instagram page to share a variety of routines with her followers.

Recently, she demonstrated a squat progression routine that would help fans not only build strength but also perfect the technique of their squats. Unsurprisingly, the fitness guru's sweat session proved to be popular with fans and earned nearly 20,00 likes.