Mackenzie Edwards Shares Rare New Photo Of Daughter Stella, Reveals Ryan Edwards Is A 'Great Dad'

Earlier this year, Teen Mom OG stars Mackenzie Edwards and Ryan Edwards welcomed their second child together. Now, Mackenzie is taking to social media to share a rare photo of her baby girl and opening up about Ryan's parenting.

The photo showed baby Stella Rhea in her carseat looking at the camera. She wore a large white bow in her hair and had a pacifier nearby. Mackenzie didn't include a caption with the photo, but she replied to fans in the comments who asked her questions about the baby.

One fan asked Mackenzie who she thinks baby Stella favors, appearance-wise. Of course, Stella is still young, so it is hard to tell exactly who she looks like. Mackenzie revealed that the consensus is split and that she has "no idea" who her daughter looks like yet, but that half of people seem to think Stella looks like Mackenzie while the other half think she looks like Ryan. As Stella gets older, which parent she looks like will likely become more apparent.

Another fan asked a more personal question about Ryan's parenting.

"So cute but is Ryan actually helping you take care of her and your other two boys? Or is it just his mother and father helping to raise them?" the comment read.

"yeah he's very attentive and a great dad," Mackenzie replied.

The original commenter added that they were "happy to hear" that Ryan was a good dad.

"Thank you! Sometimes you just have to give people a chance. I'm very thankful for him!" Mackenzie replied.

As most fans of Teen Mom OG know, Ryan had some issues in the past that led to him spending time in rehab and even jail. It sounds like he has overcome his troubles, though, and is focusing on being a good husband and dad.

The photo of the new baby has proven to be popular with Mackenzie's fans. The image has been liked over 39,000 times and has received more than 450 comments since being posted to her account.

Mackenzie has been more vocal on social media after Stella was born. While pregnant, she didn't share too many updates and eventually revealed that was intentional, citing the "ridiculously mean" comments that would be made on her photos. She told fans she didn't want to surround herself with such negativity during her pregnancy.

Mackenzie has also defended her daughter's name and explained that her middle name is pronounced "Ray."