Lamar Odom Talks About The Time He Spent $120,000 At A Strip Club Just To Show Up An NFL Player

Lamar Odom revealed in a recent interview that he once bought 100 bottles of champagne at a strip club just to impress an NFL player. He calls it an act of “foolish pride” that he regrets to this day.

The former NBA player has opened up about his past struggles with addiction and told a story about the time he spent over $120,000 at a strip club. He recently appeared on In Depth With Graham Graham Bensinger and looked back at the incident.

Odom said he was at the strip club with one of his former teammates for their birthday. While drinking at the club he came across an unnamed NFL player, one who he claims challenged the two-time NBA champion to order more bottles of champagne.

“I was in a club in Miami with my late great friend, Rasual Butler. It was Rasual’s birthday,” Odom explained, “When we go out, we like to drink, and we drank Moet Rose. And then we see this football player right in front of us.”

The Queens, New York, native wanted to impress the pro football star, who he says was drinking a bottle of Ace Of Spades champagne. As such, Odom decided to make a massive order.

“So I told the waiter that I need 100 bottles of Moet Rose,” he told Bensinger.

This was obviously too many bottles for Odom and Butler to drink on their own, so he told the staff to start handing the bottles out to other people at the club. There was a group of younger guys sitting near the NFL player and the former Los Angeles Laker sent bottles to them just to show up the nearby pro athlete.

“I got the kids sitting right next to him, buying ten bottles of Moet Rose that I am about to drink with them,” the 40-year-old recounted.

He admitted that showing up the football player was the only reason he kept giving out bottles to other patrons. Odom recalls having his own private VIP section littered with bottles and instructing staff to bring the last 20 of the 100 to his table. The onetime NBA Sixth Man of the Year estimates the bottles cost him around $120,000 and says it was likely the most he ever spent partying.

Bensinger asked what advice would he give his younger self. The father-of-three then stressed the importance of refusing requests.

“No should be your favorite word,” he told the interviewer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, in another clip from his sit-down with Bensinger, Odom described the time his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian found him in a hotel room with strippers.

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