Lamar Odom Talks About Ex-Wife Khloe Kardashian Catching Him Cheating With Strippers & His Addictions

Lamar Odom recently sat down for an interview in which he opened up about the night his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian caught him cheating in a hotel room with strippers. In the same interview, the former Los Angeles Lakers forward also discussed his sex addiction.

Speaking to Graham Bensinger on his show In Depth With Graham Graham Bensinger, Odom was asked about the night in 2012 when he was in a hotel room and heard a loud knock on the door from his wife. The former NBA star said it was just one of many embarrassing moments in his life. When asked who else was in the room, the 40-year-old confirmed he was with strippers.

“Another embarrassing moment I put myself in. I think it was some strippers or something and that’s when Khloe came and I think she wound up getting into it with them.”

The talk show host asked Odom how it felt being caught red-handed by his wife and the Queens, New York, native said he feels embarrassment to this day.

“I was just really embarrassed. It’s embarrassing just talking to you about it right now,” he added.

Bensinger pressed on and asked the two-time NBA champion why he still felt so embarrassed.

“You ever been caught in that position…you can guess why,” Odom replied.

He then discussed his issues with sex and said looking back he believes he had a sex addiction which played a key role in him cheating.

“I think probably at one point in my life I probably was addicted to sex,” the one-time Los Angeles Clipper added, “Putting sex before things that really matter.”

Odom said at that time in his life he put sex before everything else including “breathing” and “living life.” The father-of-three says that being in recovery for his addictions has helped me hold himself “accountable” and work on “being present.” The former basketball standout says addiction affected every aspect of his life and even kept him from seeing his children.

Odom said he realized now how important monogamy is, but he did not feel that way in the past.

Odom went on to mention that he will not have sex again until he is married. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, he and his new fiance, Sabrina Parr, are holding off until after their wedding day. In an interview, Parr said she “allowed” Odom to make the decision on his own.