February 24, 2020
'WandaVision' And 'Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Rumored To Be Getting Teasers Next Week

If a new rumor can be believed, fans are finally going to see a full teaser of two of the MCU's newest additions. According to MCU Source, the teasers for WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are expected to land next week. The site posted on Twitter it had confirmed the two 30-second videos are going to drop as part of a Disney event on March 5.

Since the two shows were announced for Disney Plus several months back, they've been among the most-anticipated shows for the new streaming network. So far, the only look fans have gotten of either show have been some very quick glances during a Super Bowl ad for the entire network and leaked shots of the actors on set.

If the rumors are true that WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are going to be shown off on March 5, it would mean a rather large step forward. Not only isn't there a ton of info on what the shows are going to look like, but there's also very little information known about where either show is going to go, storywise.

WandaVision, especially, is going to have to weave a different kind of story considering the last time we saw one of the titular characters, he'd been killed by Thanos. In the comics, Wanda - better known as the Scarlet Witch - had amazing magic-based powers that were able to completely alter reality.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars pose for pictures
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

In the MCU, Wanda's powers are based more on the ability to mess with someone's mind, combined with telepathic powers that seemed to be getting stronger with every movie. There is a comic book story where Wanda creates an entire family out of thin air, mainly because she's convinced herself that family is real. Some of the quick glimpses fans have seen of WandaVision could be hinting at the show mirroring that storyline.

A bit more is known about Falcon and the Winter Soldier thanks to a few looks at characters like the Super Patriot and Baron Zemo. It's also well known that when Steve Rogers handed over his shield, it was with the intent that the Falcon would become the new Captain America.

There might be some conflict between Anthony Mackie's character and Wyatt Russell's Super Patriot. Some rumors have come out that the story will follow the comics, meaning the federal government will decide who will be Steve Rogers' successor isn't up to the former Captain America.

Should WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier get their teasers next week, some of the questions about what to expect in their respective stories could be answered.