February 24, 2020
Jayson Tatum Got A Giant New Tattoo With An Obvious Grammatical Error & Fans Mocked Him For It

Jayson Tatum showed off his new back tattoo on social media and fans noticed a blatant mistake on the piece. The NBA All-Star was roasted by his followers on Twitter for the obvious grammatical error.

The Boston Celtics forward is enjoying a career year on the court and just took part in his first NBA All-Star Game. According to Basketball-Reference, he is putting up 22.9 points per game along with seven rebounds, which is even more impressive considering he is still only 21-years-old.

Although things are going great for him on the court this year, it's a recent off-court decision that had fans mocking him online. The third-year pro got a tattoo that took up the majority of his upper back. The Bible-inspired ink was supposed to read "God's Will," but the artist forgot the apostrophe, resulting in the design reading as "Gods Will."

Tatum posted a picture on Snapchat with his shirt off so people could get a full view of the artwork. Rob Lopez of The Athletic took a screenshot and shared it on Twitter without mentioning the missing apostrophe. However, social media users noticed the grammatical error right away.

They flooded the replies with jokes about what the design could mean.

"What will the gods do I wonder," one person wrote.

"Gods will ink grammatically incorrect tats all over your back," a Twitter user replied.

Two fans shared an exchange where they joked that this was only part one of a large gods-themed tattoo the Celtics star was getting.

"You guys keep correcting his tat, but he's obviously talking about Greek 'Gods,'" the first fan suggested.

"It's just the beginning of a full back tattoo. He'll finish it later. The suspense is killing me tho," the other fan replied. "Gods will... have a party for Zeus?"

Another social media user asked why people bothered getting tattoos they can't even see themselves.

There is a Bible verse from Proverbs referenced at the bottom of the artwork, which says to put your trust in God and he will guide you in the right direction.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths," reads Proverbs 3: 5-6, per the New International Version provided by BibleGateway.

The NBA All-Star has shown off large tattoos of his in the past. He has big pieces on each of his upper thighs. One is an ode to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and the other is an image of himself in St. Louis Cardinals uniform, holding up his young son.