‘This Is Us’ Fans React To Kevin’s Hookup With Madison: Will These Two Unlikely Lovers End Up Together?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us episode “The Cabin.”

On This Is Us last week, Kate (Chrissy Metz) received a few phone calls from her friend, Madison (Caitlin Thompson) while she was picking up supplies for her stay at the cabin with her brothers, Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). Kevin was in the general store when his sister listened to her voicemails, only to be told by Madison that she had slept with Kevin.

Kate let Kevin listen to the messages one by one, but he did not let on about his most recent hookup. In fact, the charming guy acted as if he did not know why Madison was eager to speak with her friend, saying it was “important.”

“I wonder what the hell that’s all about?” he questioned, hiding the truth and apparently hoping he could get to Madison to put a kibosh on the tattling before Kate realized why she had been calling.

Immediately after that, Kate played Madison’s second message in which she told her there was “no need” to call back because she wasn’t keen on talking about whatever the dire situation was over the phone.

Kevin, still ostensibly having no idea what Madison was talking about, told his sister that she could be calling her “about anything.”

A third call from Madison — which Kate played while not letting on that she knew the secret — finally caught Kevin in his lie.

“I am going to just rip the Band-Aid off ’cause the guilt is eating me alive.”

Madison admitted to Kate that she slept with her brother and that doing so was “stupid” and “selfish.” She ended the call by saying that she hoped Kate did not hate her, to which she just shrugged while staring down her brother, who looked as guilty as he was.


This Is Us revisited this uncomfortable scene with a short video on the show’s Instagram account on Monday. More than 12,000 people liked the update, while over 230 people wrote comments about the post within two hours of the NBC show’s clip going live on the social media platform.

Some fans wondered if Kevin and Madison will eventually end up together.

“I love madison but please don’t make her the fiancée,” pleaded one fan.

Others remembered that Kevin had also been with another one of Kate’s other buddies in the past.

“Got with Sophie who was her childhood best friend, then Madison. Girllllll none of your friends are safe!” exclaimed a second follower, who added three crying-laughing emoji.

Still more social media followers talked about how the scene at the cabin played out.

“I LOVED that scene…Kevin slowly squirming, Kate’s expressions! Too funny!” remarked a third fan.

Meanwhile, another fan recounted the women in Kevin’s life up until that point, and even mentioned the hunky guy as he appeared in the future in another This Is Us episode.

“Don’t even sneeze on Kevin, he’ll be like ‘So you wanna sleep with me now?’. In 4 seasons, I lost count after 8th woman. Btw, Are we not gonna talk about how fine he looked older?? Even my 75 yo mom was like ‘Kevin looked good!” exclaimed an admirer of the NBC show, who added a crying-laughing face emoji.

“The Cabin” episode of This Is Us is full of drama, some of it not so subtle as the conversation about Madison between Kate and Kevin in the present day. A look back at another time Kate stayed at their family getaway spot was much more horrific.

The scene revealed a terrible truth about the teen’s traumatic first relationship with Marc, an older record store employee and her boss.

Marc actually locked Kate out of the cabin, leaving her to fend for herself in the freezing cold. He did this just because he didn’t like what she said after he purposefully broke a treasure that was her father’s, something near and dear to this member of the Pearson family, as reported by The Inquisitr.