Bill Kristol Calls On Barack Obama To Campaign For Joe Biden To Take Down Bernie Sanders

After Bernie Sanders‘ victory in Nevada, conservative commentator Bill Kristol called on former President Barack Obama to hit the campaign trail in South Carolina for his former Vice President, Joe Biden, and help him take down the Vermont Senator.

“President Obama, South Carolina was a key primary win in 2008,” Kristol tweeted on Sunday, per Newsweek.

“Joe Biden was your loyal VP. A Sanders nomination would relegate your presidency to an insignificant prelude to two terms of Trump or one of Trump & one Sanders. Passivity is a choice. Act. Go to SC & fight for Joe.”

Biden has reportedly been banking on winning South Carolina, which has a large percentage of African-American voters. Polls show that Biden performs best with this demographic, although Sanders has been gaining ground. While Obama has yet to intervene in the primary, previous reports suggested he was willing to do so to stop Sanders from winning.

Kristol also suggested that Michael Bloomberg should invest $100 million over the next week to stop Sanders’ rise. He pointed to the $400-million plus that the billionaire has spent on ads to date and noted that it has been effective in bringing him into the upper echelon of candidates.

“There’s one person ahead of him. Why won’t he spend at least $100m next week in Super Tuesday states making the case against Sanders?”

Per WBUR, Kristol is a neoconservative that believes Donald Trump must be defeated in 2020.

“Trump has to be defeated,” Kristol said, noting that he’s “much more pessimistic” than he was years ago when he believed it would be “easy or even possible” to move past Trump.

Although Kristol claims that he wants Trump out of office, he is vehemently opposed to a Sanders ticket. Writing for USA Today, Jason Sattler noted that the 78-year-old has a “clear path” to defeating the president. According to Sattler, Sanders has beaten Trump in head-to-head polls for five years now. Not only that, he is reportedly the most popular Senator in America and the top fundraiser in the Democratic primaries.

“And if you only care about winning, you can’t ignore that,” the piece concludes.

As reported by RealClearPolitics, Sanders has an average percentage support of 29.3, a significant lead over his closest competitor, Biden, who has 17.2 percent average support. In terms of betting odds, he has a RealClearPolitics average of 55.6 percent, with Bloomberg behind with 21.8 percent.

In the latest 2020 presidential general election polls, Sanders impressively leads Trump in every poll released on Sunday, with a seven-point lead in his most successful matchup.

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