Andrew Yang Teases Announcement Of His Team’s ‘Next Steps’

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to Twitter Sunday to tease an announcement of his team’s next steps.

“We have an announcement coming in early March as to our next steps,” he tweeted. “I hope people are excited. The #yanggang has a vision that will continue to grow in the days to come – but as usual it will take a lot of work.”

Not long after, Yang’s former campaign manager, Zach Graumann, also offered a hint of things to come.

“Haven’t been tweeting much. And it’s cause I’ve been in the trenches getting ready for what’s next. Buckle up #YangGang, we’re not going anywhere.”

Since Yang dropped out, he has taken on the role of a political commentator at CNN and also teased a 2024 run. As for his supporters, they have continued to promote his movement, and some still plan to vote for him in the primaries.

Given that Yang’s campaign centered around a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month for all Americans, his movement appears to be focusing on promoting congressional candidates that support the same. UBI advocate and Yang supporter Scott Santens expressed hope for a UBI-friendly member of Congress as early as this year.

Most recently, former Yang campaign staffer Evan Low, a member of the California State Assembly, introduced Assembly Bill 2712 – California Universal Basic Income (UBI). Like Yang’s UBI proposal, it would be funded primarily by a value-added tax (VAT) of 10 percent and provide all California residents over the age of 18 with $1,000 per month.

Outside of his UBI movement, Yang has been commenting on the Democratic primary, which saw Bernie Sanders win Nevada on Saturday, making him the first candidate ever to win the popular vote in the first three early states.

As reported by The Hill, Yang recently spoke about Sanders’ success in the Nevada caucuses and suggested the other primary candidates should drop out to increase the Democrats’ chances against Donald Trump in 2020.

“Someone needs to pull an Andrew Yang and be like, ‘I’ve done the math. I’m not going to win.'”

According to Yang, the remaining candidates are all holding out for the field to consolidate so they can siphon the “non-Bernie energy.”

As reported by Townhall, Yang also spoke on CNN about his belief that the Democratic Party in its current form is not speaking to working-class Americans. He pointed to his presidential campaign and suggested he began it in response to the “underlying economic issues” that have been festering in communities for decades — issues he believes the Democratic Party is failing to address.

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