Conservative Columnist Mocks Donald Trump: ‘One Of The Fattest Presidents Ever’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday, conservative columnist and political commentator, David Frum, ripped into President Donald Trump, mocking his physical appearance.

Per The Washington Examiner, Frum was invited on Reliable Sources to discuss how politicians and political operatives use social media platforms to spread disinformation. Frum reminded viewers that Trump attacked 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton‘s health.

“One of the things that Donald Trump tried to spin in 2016 was that Hillary Clinton was somehow physically incapable of managing the presidency,” he said, recalling how Trump and his allies tried to create a misleading narrative about Clinton’s health, in an attempt to suggest that she would not be able to handle being president.

Clinton, Frum said, is a “very vigorous woman in good health,” but Trump and other Republicans nevertheless insisted that she was hiding health issues as to not be perceived as a weak candidate.

Frum then went on to suggest that Trump has no right to mock anyone’s appearance or question other politicians’ health, given that he is not exactly a picture of health himself.

“Donald Trump was the oldest president ever, one of the fattest presidents ever, the least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. He can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it.”

As The Washington Examiner notes, Trump’s latest physical exam suggests that the president is in good health overall, but obese.

Frum — who served as a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush — is one of Trump’s fiercest critics on the right. In his book about the Trump administration, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic, the author posited that the commander-in-chief is actively undermining some of the most important institutions in the United States.

Frum has also criticized Trump’s foreign policy and once described the president’s “unpopularity” as “contagious,” arguing that the American public dislikes Trump so much that a majority of voters reflexively take positions antithetical to the administration’s.

With the 2020 presidential election fast-approaching, Trump is more popular than ever. According to Gallup, earlier this month, the president’s job approval rating rose to an all-time high, peaking at 49 percent. His approval among Republicans is 94 percent. Forty-two percent of Independents believe the president is doing a good job, according to the survey.

The Republican Party’s popularity has also increased. The GOP’s image has, for the first time since 2005, surged past 50 percent. Furthermore, 48 percent of Americans now identify as Republicans, as opposed to 44 percent who identify as Democrats.

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