Help Name Rare Baby Giraffe [Video]

Conservationists are asking for help naming a rare baby giraffe. The female calf was born at the Leo Zoological Conservation Center on Friday, and she needs a name. The unnamed baby is a Rothschild giraffe, which are rare and and classified as endangered.

The new addition was born to “Petal,” who is around 6 years old. Conservationists say she was standing independently and nursing in less than a half hour. The new baby is reported to be thriving and strong as she has bonded with Petal and is being well cared for.

As reported by Today, Marcella Leone, who founded and directs the conservation center, is pleased with the giraffe’s excellent health. She notes that the baby giraffe is still a newborn and will need to be monitored, but she is confident that she will continue to thrive.

Leone states that the birth was important to the center and the survival of the subspecies. The new baby is the conservation center’s fifth Rothschild giraffe. Worldwide there are approximately 670 of the subspecies left.

The Leo Zoological Conservation Center is seeking help to name the rare baby giraffe. Suggestions can be made on the website until Friday March 29. Zookeepers will choose the top ten names, and director Leone will make the final decision. The winning name is expected to be announced early next week.

The conservation center began when the founders transformed a gold course into an equestrian facility. In 2009 the Lionshare Educational Organization was founded, adding a conservation center.

The center is a state-of-the art facility dedicated to enhancing “the health and well-being of the animals’ bodies and minds.” As founder and director, Leone has dedicated her life to conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation of animals.

The giraffes were named after Lord Walter Rothschild, who worked with the subspecies during the 1800’s. The remaining Rothschild giraffes are primarily found in Kenya and Uganda.

Anyone who would like to help name the rare baby giraffe can visit the conservation’s website for more information.

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