Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Parry Shen Opens Up About Baby Reveal & Brad’s Reaction To Nelle’s Shocker

This past week on General Hospital Brad was finally busted for knowingly raising Jonah as Wiley. As fans saw, it didn’t take long for Nelle to throw him under the bus with a twisted story about how the baby swap happened. Actor Parry Shen is opening up about why his character Brad was so caught off-guard by Nelle’s shocker, and he shares how he feels about the storyline hitting this point.

This baby swap reveal was 18 months in the making and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s more chaos slated to play out in the coming week.

“It was a little sad to know that the storyline was winding down, but exciting at the same time to know how the payoff would send ripples and affect so many other characters on the canvas,” Shen detailed to Soap Opera Digest.

Brad was hauled off to jail after Lucas revealed the truth to Michael and everybody else. Soon, Nelle was placed in the cell directly across from him at the PCPD. The second Nelle was busted at Willow and Chase’s apartment, she concocted a story about how the baby swap happened that put all of the blame on Brad while painting her as the innocent victim.

Nelle told Michael and Chase this tall tale and continued it at the PCPD. Brad knows that Nelle has a long history of being a schemer and liar, but he never anticipated how she would turn on him.

“[This] is not something Brad considered and takes him by surprise. He’s never taken the full brunt of Nelle’s wrath and cunning before, so he’s very much taken aback and realizes he’s completely out of his league when it comes to this next level of deception,” Shen explains.

At this point, Brad really has no idea what everybody else believes about what really happened on the side of the road that fateful night. Carly, Lucas, and others know that Brad has a shady history himself, but that Nelle is a master manipulator and liar. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brad will assume that it will fall entirely on him to save himself.

“Brad is panicking with Nelle now being in ‘victim mode.’ He does not want to take full blame,” the General Hospital star notes.

While being questioned at the Corinthos house, Brad decided to protect Julian. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will soon decide to use Julian’s involvement to his advantage.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that everybody will struggle to figure out how to move forward after this revelation. Nelle’s not budging on her story, though, and that means that Brad will have to pull himself together quickly to figure out how to counter her lies. The week ahead should be a wild one and fans are curious to see how Brad gets out of this mess.

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