‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Detail Brad’s Reasoning For Protecting Julian

The latest General Hospital spoilers detail that the week of February 24 will contain a lot of emotional fallout from the Wiley reveal. When Brad was confronted about hiding the truth for more than a year, he held back the fact that Julian knew that the baby wasn’t Wiley from almost the beginning. Now additional teasers about his reasoning have emerged.

When Brad was asked if anybody else was involved in swapping Jonah for Wiley, he responded with very carefully chosen words. He said that he and Nelle were the only two involved in deciding to switch the babies, which is true. However, as viewers know, very soon after that, Brad told Julian part of what happened and Julian intervened to keep Willow from disrupting the adoption.

Why did Brad decide to hold back from exposing Julian, and how long will that last? General Hospital spoilers from the new issue of Soap Opera Digest break this down.

“Brad had already floored Lucas. Having him know that his father was also involved would have been too much for him to deal with, as well as unnecessary. There would be nothing gained for anyone,” actor Parry Shen explains of his character Brad’s decision at that moment.

Viewers watched as Nelle looked right at Brad as they both stood in their respective jail cells and put on an emotional performance for the PCPD guard. She claimed that the baby swap was all on Brad, and all he could do was feebly argue that she was lying.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle’s scheme will lead Brad to consider changing his strategy when it comes to protecting Julian. During the coming week, Julian will visit Brad in hopes of gaining confidence that Brad will keep his mouth shut. He will find that he remains much more at risk than he’d like.

Julian told Ava everything after the baby reveal at the Corinthos house, and she was immediately terrified for her brother’s safety. It was clear during those scenes that Julian himself is quite concerned about what may happen to him.

The toddler is the grandson of Sonny Corinthos, and Julian and Sonny have been at odds for years. Julian has always been worried about what Sonny would do to him if he learned of Julian’s involvement. Not only that, but Julian could land in plenty of legal trouble if all of his antics were exposed.

Both Brad and Julian are desperate at this point, which becomes the underlying catalyst for a deal between them. For now, Brad will continue to protect Julian, and Julian will get Brad a lawyer to try to save him from Nelle.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that Julian will have to contend with questions from others in the days ahead, even if people don’t know what he knew about the baby swap. Julian’s involvement is virtually guaranteed to be revealed at some point soon.

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