WWE News: Former Superstar Calls Seth Rollins ‘Boring’

WWE superstar Seth Rollins is one of the most polarizing superstars in the industry at the moment, but one former superstar thinks he’s boring. As quoted by Sportskeeda, Konnan took to his Keepin’ It 100 podcast with Disco Inferno to reveal that he isn’t a fan of the “Monday Night Messiah’s” current gimmick.

During the conversation, Konnan was critical of Rollins’ recent sermon on Monday Night Raw. In the segment, Rollins delivered a speech about his greatness to the WWE Universe, only to be interrupted by The Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens.

“Seth, they went in there and they did this thing, like he’s the leader of a cult or a following or some s*** like that. He went in there, like kind of a, pulpit in front of him, and he was boring, bro. And I just keep thinking to myself, nothing against him personally. But, I think they push him thinking he’s more popular than he is. Because he’s not that good on the mic, he’s great in the ring.”

Konnan went on to say that WWE superstars are restricted by the company’s micromanagement methods, which could be why Rollins isn’t exciting when he cuts promos. According to the World Championship Wrestling legend, wrestlers are naturally creative people and they deserve a platform to showcase their own ideas.

Rollins faced similar criticism prior to his latest heel turn. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the crowd was reacting negatively to the superstar due to his online behavior and underwhelming babyface run, so Konnan isn’t the only person to denounce Rollins’ ability from time to time. CM Punk has also been critical of Rollins, advising him to take a break from social media.

Despite how polarizing Rollins’ opinions can be, he is still arguably the biggest star on the red brand when Brock Lesnar is on hiatus. Furthermore, since forming his new faction and adopting the “Monday Night Messiah” gimmick, underutilized superstars such as Buddy Murphy and The Authors of Pain have risen to prominence on the card.

While Rollins is riding high at the moment, one former superstar thinks WWE stole ideas for his current gimmick. As The Inquisitr reported this week, Abraham Washington — who was fired in 2012 for making a distasteful joke — claims he sent tapes to the company performing promos in the style of a preacher. According to the superstar, he didn’t hear back from WWE’s creative team, but he’s noticed similarities to his ideas in recent Rollins and Bray Wyatt segments.

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