WWE News: Fired Star Says Company Has Been Using His Ideas For Bray Wyatt And Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt are two of the most popular superstars on WWE television at the moment, but one former company member believes their storylines were inspired by ideas he came up with. During an interview with the High Spot podcast, by the way of BodySlam.net, Abraham Washington revealed that he’s upset with the company for not giving him any credit for Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins’ recent segments.

Abraham — who now goes by the name Reverend Jeremiah Constantine — said he recently sent the company’s lead writer some videos of him performing in-character sermons, but he never heard a response back from anyone. However, he believes WWE management has repurposed his ideas for recent segments on the weekly shows.

“It just upsets me the fact that you can’t even acknowledge me and that you’re taking from my stuff, especially with the Seth stuff, the “Monday Night Messiah”. I’m pretty sure they got that from my promos. Then they had Bray Wyatt doing the newscast thing, you know, which I’m doing right now, so it’s just like eh whatever.”

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Rollins performed a sermon that was interrupted by the Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens. The storyline didn’t feature any religious connotations, however, so it’s difficult to spot any glaring resemblances to Washington’s recent work.

On a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Wyatt also starred in a Firefly Fun House segment, in which he addressed his upcoming match with Bill Goldberg for the Universal Championship. However, at the time of this writing, there is no proof that WWE borrowed any of Washington’s ideas.

Washington has been trying to get back into re-establish himself in the wrestling industry with his recent promos, which he’s been uploading to his YouTube channel. It seems like WWE is his desired destination, but it remains to be seen if the company will ever re-sign the former superstar.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Washington has expressed an interest in returning to WWE. The superstar was fired back in 2012 after making a distasteful joke about Kobe Bryant that wasn’t approved by the company beforehand. However, it happened during Linda McMahon’s political campaign, when the company was trying to avoid bad publicity.

Upon being released, Washington lashed out on social media to highlight WWE’s hypocrisy, given that the company has a history of televising controversial storylines and crude character moments. He cited the infamous “Katie Vick” storyline between Triple H and Kane, which explored taboo subject matter that was arguably worse than Washington’s joke.

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