Tori Roloff Reveals That Daughter Lilah Is Sick With Two Viruses, But She Still Looks Cute For A Photo Shoot

Lilah just turned 3-months-old.

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff take a selfie together.
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Lilah just turned 3-months-old.

Tori Roloff shared an update on her baby daughter’s progress as she continues to grow, and the Little People, Big World star revealed that poor Lilah is currently one very sick little girl. However, the proud mother still managed to snap a set of adorable snapshots of Lilah to mark her latest milestone.

On Wednesday, Tori took to Instagram to reveal that Lilah just turned 3-months-old. Unfortunately, the cute tot’s third month in this world has not been a pleasant one. According to Tori’s post, Lilah has been battling two unidentified viruses. Luckily, Tori reported that her tough little girl is handling her first experience with illness “like a freaking champ.”

Even though the mother of two indicated that Lilah is on the road to recovery, she confessed that caring for a sick baby is “no joke” and “scary.” She also shared her frustration over being unable to do anything to help her daughter get better.

The photos that Tori snapped to commemorate her daughter turning 3-months-old were taken while Lilah was sick. However, as Tori pointed out, there’s no evidence of her illness in the cute pictures. In the first of the two snapshots that Tori shared, Lilah was pictured lying on her back on a blanket marked with the numbers one through 12. Tori had placed a pink rose blossom underneath the number three to indicate Lilah’s age.

The tot was wearing a pair of black pants and a white tunic that featured a green leaf pattern and a ruffle on the bottom. Lilah was also sporting a headband adorned with a red cloth bow.

In the second photo, Lilah was sitting on a white armchair. She was propped up against a pink decorative pillow, and her left cheek was resting on the arm of the chair. The rose blossom and two wooden signs indicating her age were sitting beside her.

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Wow. 3 months. What an eventful month it’s been. Sickness has finally hit our household and the last week have been straight up miz at the roloff household. Lilah is one sick girlsie but you’d never know it by these photos. She still has her moments of smiley girlsie but we immediately put our jammies back on after this little photoshoot and she’s napping as I write this. She has not one but two viruses but honestly is handling it like a freaking champ. Praying we’re almost out of the hole! Having a sick infant is no joke and is scary when you literally can’t help them. But this girl is a strong one and this mama is stronger too. Anyway!! Here’s what happened this month! ???? Lilah has gained some major neck control! ???????? She was only waking once a night (praying this happens again once we kick this bug) ???? Lilah weighs 12 pounds! ???????? She went on her first airplane ride ✈️ She went to Disneyland °o° She recognizes mama dada and baby j! ???????????????????????? She has found her hands and loves to suck on them. ???????? She’s showed us all she’s a strong girl and can fight through anything! ???????? ???? Keep growing Lilah Ray! #lilahrayroloff #zandtpartyoffour

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Tori’s post included a few other updates on Lilah. The mom of two revealed that Lilah currently has an obsession with sucking on her hands, and that she recently went on her first airplane ride when the Roloff family took a trip to Disneyland. In response to Tori’s post, a few of her followers suggested that Lilah may have picked up her viruses at the busy theme park.

“She is sooo adorable!! But oh my goodness, every time we go to Disney my girls always get sick. That place is full of germs,” wrote one commenter.

“Absolutely adorable! I’ve been wanting to take my baby girl (5 months) to Disneyland but skeptical due to illnesses! Hoping she feels better stat,” another fan remarked.

Tori and her husband, Zach Roloff, welcomed Lilah to the world last November. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tori revealed that Lilah is a little person like her father and her 2-year-old brother, Jackson, last month in response to a fan’s question about whether the little girl also has a form of dwarfism.