Paul Anka Scolds Jay-Z For Not Returning Phone Call

paul anka

Paul Anka is a little upset with Jay-Z.

Anka said that he wanted to use Jay-Z for a track on his upcoming duets album but that Jigga never returned his phone call.

Jay-Z probably turns down offers from artists all of the time but Anka feels like he deserves a little more respect from Hova.

Why? Well, because Jay-Z used Anka’s song “My Way” for one of the tracks on The Blueprint II.

Anka said: “I called up Jay-Z. He did a track with ‘My Way’ where I loaned him a track. I wanted to put him in on a rap with Michael Jackson, in the middle, I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off. He won’t answer my calls. He’s inappropriate in his behavior … He’s too busy with his clothing line, who knows.”

Anka said that he was a big fan of Beyonce but didn’t appreciate the way her husband was acting.

Anka added: “I love his wife, I think she’s great. But Jay-Z wouldn’t return the call.”

Here’s a video of Anka talking about his beef with Jay-Z.

Are you surprised that Jay-Z didn’t return Paul Anka’s call? Would you like to hear Jay-Z on Anka’s new album?

Here’s the last song that Paul Anka and Jay-Z collaborated on.

This isn’t the first time that Jay-Z has blown off a major celebrity. Last year, Robert De Niro said that he tried to get a hold of the singer but Hova never called him back. De Niro reportedly scolded Jay-Z when he ran into him at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party.