Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Works Up A Sweat In Gym Pic: 'What A Slob'

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi works up a sweat in a new gym pic the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star shared with Instagram. She joked that in the image, where she is seen pedaling away in her home gym on a bike, she didn't appear to be photograph ready. "What a slob," she quipped regarding her look.

Nicole also revealed that the photograph was taken by her only daughter Giovanna, 5.

In the photo, the reality star is seen from a distance. Nicole is giving a peace sign to her daughter as she works out. She is wearing workout apparel and her hair is in a topknot with tendrils falling out.

She is riding on what appears to be a Peloton Bike. This popular brand of exercise equipment allows users to interact with one another and take live classes with instructors.

There are other pieces of workout equipment in a room that appears to be designated for fitness in the Northern New Jersey home she shares with husband Jionni LaValle and their three children Lorenzo, 7, Giovanna, and Angelo, 9 months.

Fans threw their support behind Nicole's look in the Instagram comments of the post, most noting that sharing an exercise post does not mean you look like a slob. Rather, it means you value your own health enough to take care of it.

"You do not look like a slob!!! A mom working on herself! I have the peloton since last year and the best thing I did, love it!! You go girl!!!! Our daughters need to see us always trying better ourselves," cheered one mother on Instagram.

"You are adorable and your kids are lucky to have you as their mom," said a second fan on the social media site.

"Slob? I wish I looked like that on a good day," said a third fan.

Nicole has made her fitness a priority since losing weight several years ago shortly after the birth of her first son Lorenzo in 2013. Years of drinking and not eating well had taken its toll on the reality star and she made a vow to clean up her eating habits and enter into an exercise regimen.

She revealed during an appearance on Anderson Cooper's talk show that she lost all her post-baby weight and then some in six months. Snooki achieved her weight loss goals by focusing on healthy eating, exercising with a trainer, and watching her caloric intake. Two pregnancies later, she is continuing her healthy journey and inspiring her fans with almost daily images and videos of her workouts.