Peter Weber Will Likely Bring In Around $100,000 For Starring On ‘The Bachelor’

In addition to having his pick of many beautiful women, Peter Weber's pay isn't bad either.

Peter Weber looks on.
Paula Lobo / ABC Press

In addition to having his pick of many beautiful women, Peter Weber's pay isn't bad either.

Peter Weber is expected to bring in a nice salary for taking on the starring role on The Bachelor this season. In addition to having his pick of many beautiful women and having the opportunity to fly around the world for free, Weber will bring in a six figure salary likely around $100,000 or perhaps even more for the few months it takes to film, according to Cosmopolitan. This is really only the beginning, however, as even more perks will come his way after the show.

Due to his television role, Weber has accumulated a decent following on Instagram; he’s currently sitting at 1.8 million followers. Because of his influence, he will likely be offered some branding deals in the future from companies paying him to advertise their products through his posts. As his following increases, he will be able to command more money in these promotional deals.

As for the salary itself, several factors could play into how much Weber actually makes this season. Ratings could certainly affect how much he brings in. Some Bachelors in the past have reportedly made less than six figures during their stint on the show; Sean Lowe was said to have made only between $75,000-$90,000. However, considering the fact that Lowe ended up marrying his final woman, Catherine Giudici, during a televised wedding, he likely brought in even more cash after his tenure in the program’s titular role was over.

A common misconception is that the contestants themselves get paid for being on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, which is not true. In fact, they’re taking a pretty significant financial risk just by leaving their jobs behind to come on the show. In addition, they are responsible for their own wardrobe which can be pretty costly. Former contestant Jillian Harris even once admitted to spending $8,000 on her clothing for the show. The real payoff would potentially occur afterwards and is dependent upon whether or not they are able to secure enough fans to become influencers.

While many Bachelors may give up their old day jobs after starring on reality television, this won’t be the case for Weber. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Weber has no intention of giving up his career as a pilot and has already been in the air again since the conclusion of the show.

“I would love, God willing, [if] I keep my health, to be able to fly until 65, the mandatory retirement age. It’s just what I love to do,” he said in a recent interview.