Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Relationship Status With David Eason: ‘He Has A Lot To Prove To Me’

Jenelle Evans appears at an event.
John Lamparski / Getty Images

There has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the status of Jenelle Evans relationship with her estranged husband, David Eason. Now, the former Teen Mom 2 star is opening up and explaining what is going on between the two and talking about where she is living.

Talking to Teen Mom Talk Now, Jenelle explained that her priority at the moment is to keep her kids safe, but also admitted that she has “no idea” what she is doing.

“My mind keeps going back and forth on what I should do. I do have an apartment in Tennessee, and I still do have my house here, so at the moment I’m kind of back and forth… I haven’t made an ultimate decision of what I’m doing,” Jenelle said.

In addition to the monthly rent for her Nashville apartment, the former reality show star also has a mortgage on the home in North Carolina where David currently lives. Financially, paying for two different homes each month isn’t easy.

While she admitted that she and David are “sharing a space,” she also stressed that it doesn’t mean they are back together.

“As of now, I still tell people we’re not back together. He has a lot to prove to me, and he has a lot to change about himself, and he knows that,” she said about the status of their relationship.

Jenelle went on to explain that if her kids are not happy, she will not be happy and she has told David that. She also opened up about what she expects from her estranged husband if they are going to try and work things out. Jenelle said that she wants David to help her out with bills and also follow through on his promises, rather than simply saying he will do something.

Although Jenelle moved the kids to Tennessee, she claims that they are “excited” to be back in North Carolina.

This is the first time Jenelle has spoken out about what David would need to do in order for the couple to potentially reconcile. She even shared the interview to her Instagram stories on Thursday night, letting fans know she was setting all the rumors straight.

The mom-of-three has dealt with a lot of negativity online, especially since rumors that she reconciled with David started circulating. She recently opened up about how she deals with it and admitted that sometimes she needs to “step away.”