The Third Hemsworth Brother Luke Now Making Films

Luke Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth are two extremely successful Australian imports that have made their share of blockbuster films. Liam Hemsworth has found a rabid fan base through his role in The Hunger Games franchise, while Chris has played the iconic role of Thor in two comic book franchises. However, is there room for a third brother in the acting world? Looks like there might be!

Older brother Luke Hemsworth has decided to see how well his acting will translate to a US audience in his first feature film. While the elder brother has enjoyed success in his native country of Australia on shows like Bikie Wars, and Neighbours, Hemsworth is slated to join his brothers Liam and Chris in the film business.

Reports are coming out that Luke has signed on for his first feature titled The Reckoning. The film is directed and written by John V. Soto, and the film sees Hemsworth playing a detective alongside Jonathan LaPaglia, who is the brother of Without A Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia. LaPaglia and Hemsworth will embark on a mission to search for two missing teens who shot a video of a grizzly murder.

The filming of The Reckoning will take place in Perth, Australia late in the month of April. It’s a start for Luke, who has been in his more famous brothers shadow for years now. Perhaps this is a start for the actor to build up some recognition, and eventually join a blockbuster hit. So far a date hasn’t been slated for the film’s release, but we’ll be sure to follow up on the report once more information is released.

Liam and Chris Hemsworth aren’t the only actors from Australia to make a successful transition into the US. In years past, Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett, and Hugh Jackman have all made it huge with an American audience.

Are you looking forward to seeing Luke Hemsworth on the big screen?