‘General Hospital’ Fans React To The Baby Swap Bombshell Dropping

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was one that fans had been waiting a long time to see and they had a lot to say about it after it aired. Michael finally knows that his son Jonah is alive and that the little boy has been right in front of his nose for the past 18 months. The scenes centering on the reveal were intense and viewers took to social media to share their thoughts about how it went down.

As shown on Wednesday, Lucas told everybody at his going-away party that he remembered Brad’s confession about how “Wiley” is really Jonah. Michael was understandably stunned and speechless and Carly essentially took over to sort through the details.

After Carly pushed Brad to reveal everything that happened, step by step, Michael found his voice. He confronted Brad about lying for so long, asking how his supposed friend could watch him mourn his dead son while knowing the little boy was alive.

It looks like General Hospital viewers had a lot to say about how Carly was essentially centered in many of these scenes. For one thing, Carly has her own checkered history of keeping biological fathers away from their babies. Given that, some found it pretty hypocritical of her to be taking the lead in sorting through this mess.

On the other hand, the way Carly took over and forged through this revelation is pretty typical of how Carly is. In addition, as some General Hospital viewers noted, she is Michael’s mother, Lucas’ sister, and Jonah’s grandmother, so it’s not as if she didn’t have a vested interest in figuring out the truth.

Both Lucas and Michael were shell-shocked as they tried to absorb the new information, leaving them speechless at first. This allowed Carly to step in to ensure the truth was finally shared in full.

“It could be that Michael needed Carly to be his voice while he was processing everything. It is A LOT to take in. I would have liked to see more out of Lucas but feel like that is coming very soon!” noted one General Hospital fan.

“Y’all do crack me up. Isn’t it perfectly in character for Carly to make it about herself, or have we been watching totally different shows for the past twenty-five years? OF COURSE CARLY WOULD MAKE IT ABOUT HERSELF,” pointed out another viewer.

“I’ve enjoyed the Carly character over the years… but I’m not blind to her faults & can get annoyed & frustrated with her. She has been a liar, schemer, & manipulator just like almost every other character. So, yeah she is being hypocritical here,” detailed someone else.


General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that the next few episodes should show a shift away from Carly, at least to a degree. Lucas is going to ask his husband who else was involved and Michael’s going to want to get to Jonah. In addition, Nelle is on the brink of escaping with the little boy.

The length of time it took for writers to reveal that Wiley is really Jonah became a rather sore spot with many General Hospital viewers. As it finally came to pass, it seems that many felt Michael should have been more prominently utilized during this critical moment.

Ultimately, however, General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s still a lot of drama on the way as this reveal progresses. There should be a broad mix of characters incorporated as this shocker plays out and fans cannot wait to watch.

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