Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lucas Has Questions & Nelle’s Ready For Her Trip

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will bring more fallout from the news that “Wiley” is really Jonah and spoilers tease that Lucas will have a critically difficult question for his husband Brad. In addition, Nelle seems to have eliminated Willow as an obstacle to taking Jonah out of the country and she’ll try to do just that during the February 20 show.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode gave fans a taste of what comes next with this saga. Michael, Carly, and everybody else at the party for Lucas and Brad were severely shaken by what Lucas revealed. Brad didn’t lie about the specifics once confronted about them, but that may change soon.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lucas will ask Brad who else was aware that “Wiley” was really Jonah, and it looks like Brad may pause before answering. The circle of people who knew that Brad was lying about the little boy was kept quite small. However, Lucas’ father Julian knew and he’s been desperate to keep his son from finding out.

Will Brad drag Julian under the bus with him? While General Hospital spoilers don’t detail a specific answer for this yet, it does look like Julian will be exposed for his involvement in this sooner rather than later.

According to Soap Central, Sam will tear into Julian next week. It’s possible that this confrontation will end up being about something else. However, it seems fairly likely that Sam’s rage toward her father will be connected to his involvement in the baby swap.

As for Nelle, she wasted no time in trying to get Jonah once she learned he wasn’t with Brad and Lucas at the party. Willow was shocked to see her show up at the apartment again, but she didn’t hold back once she realized that Nelle was trying to get to “Wiley.” The two women fought with everything they had, and it looked as if Nelle ended up knocking Willow unconscious.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday suggest that Nelle will gloat over her “win” as she looks at the new passports Valentin had created for both her and Jonah. She’ll seemingly bring the little boy out to the living room and tell him that they’re about to go on a trip. Could this brief pause end up being her undoing?

Right now, it’s not known how Nelle’s plan will be disrupted, but it seems that she won’t manage to get away with Jonah. It could be that Willow regains consciousness and throws herself back into this battle one more time, or perhaps Chase or Michael race over to the apartment and get there before Nelle leaves.

In any case, General Hospital spoilers detail that Nelle will soon spin the story of how the baby swap happened and claim that Brad stole Jonah while she was unconscious. Fans were thrilled to see Michael finally learn about Jonah and Thursday’s show should be an epic one as well.

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