WWE News: Sheamus Says Company Shot Down His Request Due To It Being Outdated

Only a few weeks ago, Sheamus returned to WWE after a prolonged absence that was coming up on nearly a year without the “Celtic Warrior.” There were many rumors that the former multi-time World Champion was going to retire or medically leave the profession, but none of those were true. Upon his return to Friday Night SmackDown, Sheamus did have one request for the big-ups in WWE, but they thought it was time to move on from that part of his career.

Since his return to the ring, Sheamus has been feuding with Shorty G and handling him quite easily in multiple matches. Last week, Sheamus took out both Shorty G and Apollo Crews to emerge victorious in a handicap match, but is he going to move onto something bigger soon?

Upon his comeback, Sheamus had returned to singles wrestling and even lost the mohawk as he brought back a full head of red hair. On a recent episode of The Bump as presented on the official YouTube channel of WWE, he actually wanted to bring back something else from his past and that’s his original theme song.

His current theme song is called “Hellfire” and it was created by CFO$, and he’s been heading to the ring to it since mid-2015. He was hoping to come back from his recent absence using his original theme song, but WWE simply wasn’t having it and turned him down.

Sheamus’ original entrance music is called “Written In My Face” and it was performed by Sean Jenness and Jim Johnston. As many wrestling fans know, Johnston no longer works for WWE, but he had been creating entrance themes for superstars for decades before they parted ways.

Fans loved Sheamus‘ original entrance theme and he thought that WWE would be willing to let it happen, but it didn’t go the way he had hoped.

“I actually wanted to have my original music back. And, I pushed for that. I pushed for it, and I was denied. I wanted it. ‘It’s a shameful thing, lobster head…’ Or whatever it is. People make up their own. Too many limes… too many limes?”

The part of him saying “It’s a shameful thing, lobster head” is in reference to the misheard lyrics of the song that fans always sang. It was quite humorous and he had hoped that WWE would let him use it, but the brass said they didn’t remember it and that it was “outdated.”

Sheamus’ return to Friday Night SmackDown was long overdue, especially after many fans thought he’d never be seen in WWE again. When he came back, his look had reverted back to one of old, but his theme music remained the same. The “Celtic Warrior” may be very popular with the WWE Universe as was his old entrance song, but it is something that may never be heard again on television.

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