WWE Rumors: Huge Return To Take Place On Tonight’s ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

It isn’t as if the main roster of WWE is lacking in superstar power, but there has been something or someone missing for months. Earlier this year, there were reports that a former multi-time World Champion was going to retire due to a number of injuries, but those were all squashed. Now, vignettes have been airing for weeks and rumors are swirling that Sheamus is ready to return, and it could be at tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown.

The “Road to WrestleMania” has officially begun with the buildup for the Royal Rumble happening in a few weeks. It’s the time when anything can happen, and any superstar can move on to jump up the card and possibly main event WrestleMania 36 for a top-tier title.

Sheamus hasn’t been seen on WWE television since April after suffering a number of injuries and a concussion. Months ago, he said that he was ready to return to WWE whenever they had something for him to do or gave him a call, but the company was likely staying cautious with his health.

About a month ago, vignettes began airing on Friday Night SmackDown that Sheamus would soon be returning, but no date was given. With his latest post on Twitter, though, Ringside News believes his return is coming as soon as January 3.

That tweet from Sheamus shows his Celtic cross necklace, which he wore to the ring for years when he was a singles competitor. After being partnered with Cesaro in the tag team called The Bar, things changed up a bit for them as they became more and more popular.

Cesaro is on Friday Night SmackDown still after the WWE Superstar Draft back in October, but it appears as if their partnership has ended. Sheamus has talked down on the entire WWE roster and has said he is ashamed of them for their efforts while in the ring.

His promos and vignettes have also shown that he’s ditched the mohawk and gone back to a full head of hair for a bit of a different, old-school look.

The exact return date for Sheamus is not yet known, but he is likely going to be back in a WWE ring before too long. Rumors have him possibly returning on the first Friday Night SmackDown of 2020, but the promotion could hold off on his big comeback until the Royal Rumble as well. Either way, “The Fella” is coming back soon, and he’s put the entire roster on warning that he won’t take it easy on them.

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