Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Mariah Makes A Bombshell Allegation

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Mariah makes a bombshell allegation against Tessa while she’s on tour, and it could spell trouble for the women’s relationship. Mariah actress Camryn Grimes recently discussed her on-screen alter ego’s rocky relationship with Soap Opera Digest.

Things aren’t all peachy for Mariah right now. Devon (Bryton James) chose to let her go when he closed Power Communications. That stunning loss came on the heels of Mariah learning about Sharon’s (Sharon Case) breast cancer diagnosis. Right before she found out about Sharon, Mariah had to say goodbye to Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) when she left to go on tour with her ex-husband Tanner (Chase Coleman). Although Mariah wants Tessa to gain all the exposure and success that comes along from opening for a superstar, she cannot help but feel jealous and upset that Tessa isn’t around to help her through these tough life challenges. Unfortunately, though, Mariah has chosen not to even include Tessa in her problems, which isn’t helping anything.

“Mariah truly wants Tessa to be happy and fulfilled in this very exciting venture in her career,” Grimes noted.

“But in doing that, she’s also left Tessa completely unaware of the other things going on in Mariah’s life, such as losing her job and her mother having cancer.”


It sounds like things don’t go so well when in an upcoming video chat, Mariah happens to spy a shirtless Tanner in the background. In fact, Mariah jealously accuses Tessa of sleeping with Tanner, which is a shocking question, and it leaves Tessa embarrassed.

“Of course, Tessa would find this question ridiculous because Mariah hasn’t made Tessa aware of any issues that she’s having. For Tessa, this is coming out of the blue,” admitted the actress.

There’s no doubt that if Mariah doesn’t open up and be straight with Tessa soon, things will continue to deteriorate for them. It is already difficult to have a long-distance relationship, but trying to maintain closeness with one partner keeping such massive secrets erodes the whole union.

“Sometimes you can break down a relationship before you can build it up. Hopefully, this is a situation where that happens,” Grimes said.

Surely, Mariah will come to her senses and realize that even though Tessa is working on her career right now, she still has some time to be a real part of Mariah’s life. If Mariah doesn’t let Tessa in on her problems, then Tessa has no idea what Mariah needs, which isn’t healthy for either of them.