‘The Bachelor’ Overnight Date Spoilers Break Down The Drama Ahead As The Ladies Stay Together In Australia

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Next Monday night, Peter Weber will go on his overnight fantasy suite dates with his final three ladies on The Bachelor. Spoilers tease that there is going to be some major drama on these dates and new details have just emerged about how things will fit together.

Viewers know that Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett are heading to Australia with Peter for his overnights. At the end of Monday’s episode, Madi asked Peter after the rose ceremony if she could talk with him. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she’ll finally tell him she is saving herself for marriage. Not only that, but she’ll seemingly tell him she expects him not to sleep with either Hannah Ann or Victoria if he wants Madi to be his final pick.

According to ABC, this will present quite a dilemma for Peter. Fans know that he was intimate with Hannah Brown — multiple times — during his overnight with her last year on The Bachelorette. To challenge him to not use those overnights to be intimate with anybody, not just with her, certainly puts Peter in a difficult position.

Recently, ABC executive Rob Mills hinted at some of this upcoming intensity. He said that Madi does lay it on the line for Peter, and it seems that she’ll make her expectations clear to him before any of the overnights take place. From there, Rob explained, Peter made choices during his overnights, knowing Madi’s stance and expectations.

Usually, the final three contestants do not see one another between rose ceremonies at this stage. However — surely because of the drama production anticipated — things are being done differently this time.

“For the first time ever, the final three women — Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. — all will be living together in one hotel suite,” the network teases.

The Bachelor spoilers from the sneak peek for Episode 9 suggest that there will be quite a bit of talk about intimacy, as the three ladies room together and navigate these dates. Based on the different outfits spotted in the preview, it appears that this topic will come up a few times and Victoria will be rather taken aback by what seems to have been an ultimatum from Madi for Peter.

While it’s not known for certain what order Peter had his three overnights, it does seem that Madi’s was filmed last. During Episode 9, The Bachelor spoilers detail that Hannah Ann’s will be shown first, then Victoria’s, and then Madi’s. Previews from earlier in the season have revealed that Peter will be intimate on one, if not two, of these overnights.

“After an agonizing week of waiting, Madison finally gets her chance to fully open up to Peter, but how will she react when she finds out about his other two dates?” ABC teases.

Based on The Bachelor spoilers from the network, it sounds likely that fans can expect to be left hanging as Madi reacts to Peter’s confession. According to teasers from spoiler king Reality Steve, Madi quit filming over this. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s done for good, and she may not quit until after the next rose ceremony. However, the buzz is that she was absolutely serious in cautioning Peter that she’d consider it a dealbreaker if he slept with anyone else.

Can Peter overcome this obstacle and find lasting happiness with the woman he loves most? The Bachelor spoilers hint that this will be a wild ride to the finish line for everybody involved and fans cannot wait.