WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy Fuels Speculation Of Move To AEW In Latest Tweet

With Edge currently away from television as he sells the onscreen injury he received following an attack from former tag team partner Randy Orton, Matt Hardy stepped into the babyface role in the ongoing feud. It’s widely believed, however, that Hardy’s recent exposure on television could mark the last time WWE fans get to see the legendary grappler, given how his contract is expected to expire on March 1. This has yet to be outright confirmed by Hardy, but in a new tweet, the multiple-time former tag team champion appeared to be hinting at his next destination once he’s through working for Vince McMahon — recently launched upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday night, Hardy talked about how he appeared on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw despite dealing with numerous injuries. As his segment with Orton was apparently done to write him off television in advance of his rumored contract expiry date, the 45-year-old talked about being “alive” despite the new injuries he suffered at the hands of “The Viper.” He also suggested that if he is indeed bidding farewell to the WWE Universe, he “got what [he] needed,” even if things didn’t turn out as he expected.

What was arguably most notable was the first three words of Hardy’s caption, which formed the acronym AEW. While it’s possible that he may have been trolling his fans by referencing the long-standing rumors that he may be joining WWE’s erstwhile top North American rival, several Twitter followers replied to the Monday Night Raw wrestler’s post, openly speculating that this is his way of teasing his post-WWE career plans.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, this isn’t the first time that Hardy has taken to social media and hinted at his impending departure from WWE, close to three years after he and his brother Jeff made their big return to the company at WrestleMania 33. Following last week’s episode of Raw, the formerly “Woken” wrestler posted a photo of himself on Twitter, with a one-word caption reading “goodbye.” That was believed to be Hardy’s way of closing the book on his WWE career weeks before it officially ends. As it turned out, plans changed when last week’s segment with Hardy and Orton garnered solid ratings, per Wrestling Inc.

It’s not clear whether Hardy will be making any more TV appearances before February is over. However, Wrestling Inc. also pointed out that WWE has been keeping fans updated about his onscreen injuries, writing in a news release that the veteran had been released from an Everett, Washington, hospital and is now recovering at home.

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