Michael Bloomberg Allegedly Told An Employee To Get An Abortion After She Disclosed Her Pregnancy

A lawsuit filed against Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg alleged that the New York businessman once told a female employee to get an abortion, reports The Washington Post. The news of the remarks come as the former mayor is under fire for what many are calling a history of sexist remarks.

According to the lawsuit, Bloomberg made the comments to top saleswoman Sekiko Sakai Garrison back in 1995. The interaction between the pair began when Bloomberg was taking pictures with several company salespeople and noticed that Garrison was not included in the photoshoot.

“Why didn’t they ask you to be in the picture? I guess they saw your face,” he reportedly said to Garrison.

Bloomberg then asked the woman about her marital relations, something with which several employees have said was a constant source of interest for the three-term mayor.

“How’s married life? You married?” Bloomberg asked Garrison.

Garrison replied that her marriage was well and that she was expecting a child.

“Kill it,” Bloomberg returned.

The plaintiff asked Bloomberg to repeat himself, and he acquiesced.

“Kill it,” he reiterated.

Bloomberg then continued to voice his discontent with the woman’s pregnancy.

“Great! Number 16!” he added, referencing the fact that 16 women at his company were either pregnant or on maternity leave.

Bloomberg has denied the claims — even doing so under oath — and ended up settling with the woman for an undisclosed sum of money. However, another former employee contacted by The Washington Post claimed that he heard the crude remarks.

David Zielenziger was Garrison’s co-worker and told the paper that he could confirm the interaction. He stated that Bloomberg’s remarks were “outrageous. I understood why she took offense.”

Other aspects of Garrison’s lawsuit detailed further potentially troubling behavior from the presidential candidate. As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Bloomberg berated saleswoman after she had difficulty finding childcare.

“It’s a f*cking baby! All it does is eat and sh*t!” he reportedly screamed at Garrison, bringing her to tears.

“All you need is some Black, who doesn’t even have to speak English, to rescue it from a burning building!” he added.

A spokesperson for Bloomberg’s campaign denied that he ever made such comments.

The claims of the billionaire’s troubling behavior come as Bloomberg has begun to rise in the polls — even nabbing the lead in Florida — after spending around $400 million on his campaign, per The Washington Examiner.

As Bloomberg is not on the ballot in either Nevada or South Carolina, it remains to be seen on Super Tuesday if voters will be put off by the latest reports.

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