'General Hospital' Spoilers Hint That Trina Has Big Personal Developments On The Way

General Hospital spoilers covering the rest of February tease that the character of Trina Robinson will seemingly be getting some serious airtime. Viewers love young actress Sydney Mikayla and her character, and it sounds as if Trina is going to have some big stuff going on.

According to Soap Central, Trina will have an unexpected family reunion during the week of February 17. Viewers would love to see this be connected to the DNA test she took a while ago that revealed she had a biological connection to someone in Port Charles. This General Hospital spoiler could be referencing that, but it could also indicate that something more ordinary is on the horizon.

It could simply mean that viewers will see someone currently known to Trina as family. Fans have not yet met any of her relatives, and it seems likely that people might be given an opportunity to learn more about her immediate family before any bombshells drop.

Fans have suspected that this mystery DNA connection of Trina's would ultimately be linked to Stella's unresolved DNA connection. More specifically, many viewers have a hunch that Trina will turn out to be Curtis' daughter, one he never knew existed.

Additional General Hospital spoilers note that there are a lot of scenes involving Jordan and Curtis coming over the next couple of weeks. That could suggest that Trina will end up biologically connected to Curtis as the relevant characters get more airtime, even if the father-daughter revelation isn't specifically revealed quite yet.

Not only is there something family-related coming up soon for Trina, but it also seems she will head out on a date. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Trina and Cameron will go out on a first date together during the episode airing on Thursday, February 27.

Are Trina and Cameron going to actually realize that perhaps they are the ones who are meant to be together? Or, could this supposed date be orchestrated to try to give Josslyn a wake-up call about Cam's crush on her? It might even involve a double date including other potential romantic interests for each of them, or something of that nature.

Up to now, Cam and Trina have become very close friends, but neither has seemingly developed romantic feelings for the other. However, plenty of viewers have wondered if this pairing is the teen romance that deserves to be pursued.

The next couple of weeks are going to bring bombshell revelations and plenty of drama. The truth about Wiley being Jonah is about to emerge, and Valentin is determined to take over ELQ. In the midst of that, however, Trina's storyline will finally see some forward progress.