Texas Teenager Purchased Nearly 200 Flowers So Every Girl In His School Would Get A Valentine

A Texas teenager bought 170 flowers to give to the girls at his school so that no one would be left out on Valentine’s Day, CNN reports.

Valentine’s Day can be a fraught day for high school students. Gone are the days in elementary school where each student gave everyone in their class paper valentines. By the time kids are in high school, they only get valentines from people who are more romantically interested in them. And of course, to not get a valentine raises feelings of being left out, particularly when their classmates a couple of lockers down are celebrating getting one.

And at Axtell High School near Waco, Texas, there was another issue: secret admirers of the “popular girls” would give valentines to them, leaving out the less-popular students.

Sophomore Jayme Wooley said that last year, after seeing several of his female classmates disappointed in not getting valentines, he decided to take matters into his own hands and saw to it that no one was left out this year.

“It felt heartbreaking knowing that not every girl was feeling special,” he said.

With the help of his mother, Amy Gordon, Wooley purchased 170 flowers, one for every girl in his school. Then on the big day, he parked in front of the main doors to his school with a bucket of flowers, and gave one to every girl who walked in.

On Facebook, proud mama Gordon posted photos and videos of her son making his classmates’ day by giving them flowers.


“To say I’m Proud is definitely an understatement!! Jayme has the biggest heart I know!!!!” she wrote.

Soon, the story of the young West Texas man who gifted all of his classmates with Valentine’s Day flowers was making the news. Gordon even joked that, though she was thrilled to watch her son talk with a reporter from CNN, she’d have preferred to get a phone call from Ellen DeGeneres.


One of the girls who got a flower from Jayme was Kennedi Sherrill.

“He handed me a flower and I thought it was really special because not everyone gets a flower on Valentine’s Day,” she said.

It wasn’t just teen girls who were struck by the lad’s kind gesture. Gordon noted that she’s been hearing from adult women as well.

“We’ve gotten several messages from older women around their 30s and 40s saying thank you and that Jayme’s their hero because they were that girl that never received a flower,” Gordon said.

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