February 16, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Marie Says She Feel Like She's In Her First Real Relationship

Vanderpump Rules viewers have watched Scheana Marie navigate through several romances during her time on the Bravo reality series, some better than others. When the show premiered, the 34-year-old was in the middle of a relationship with Mike Shay, and the duo eventually married with cameras rolling. Things fell apart shortly after, and Scheana wasn't shy about putting her personal life on television, which included dating new boyfriends Rob Parks-Valetta, Adam Spott, and hookups with fellow reality star Robbie Hayes and others. Now, the SURver is in a serious relationship with Australian Brock Davies, and Scheana is admitting she finally feels like she's in her first real relationship.

Scheana caught up with People recently and dished on her new man.

"My new relationship honestly feels like the first real one I've ever been in," the reality star admitted.

"I don't think I actually was ever truly fully happy until now. I think I told myself I was happy. I acted like the whole world was sunshine and rainbows when in reality, it's not. But I think you know it's like you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince and I found a king."
"I tend to waste money on boys who don't deserve it and now that I have a man who does deserve it, he's like, 'Please don't buy me anything. Like, you've done that enough.' I still do — I'm not going to listen to that," she continued.Scheana has definitely been labeled a gift-giver and was even given a special montage in a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules where her generosity was highlighted by editors. Her short fling with Max Boyens which took place off-camera prompted the star to buy him an Apple Watch as a Thanksgiving gift, while she also adopted a penguin for former boyfriend Adam last season.

It doesn't appear as if Scheana is regretting any of her past relationships, and still believes that for her, the right thing to do is just jump in and if the relationship doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. She told People when you approach things that way and they don't work out, you haven't wasted as much time.

Scheana and Brock also jumped into their relationship rather quickly, but she made sure to note the rugby player was the one to make things official first. "He's not going anywhere," she told the media outlet.

Viewers are hoping to get a glimpse into Scheana and Brock's relationship this season on Vanderpump Rules, but it's not known if they will just yet. According to Scheana's co-star Jax Taylor, he doesn't think the couple will last, but others on the show think the duo are doing just fine and will make it.