Donald Trump Brags In Tweet That Republicans Have Made Him A King

Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday and referred to a New York Times article about going after “the king,” bragging that Democrats attempted to bring him down but instead served to empower him.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump. ‘When you strike at the King, Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.’ Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down,” the article, and Trump’s tweet, reads.

“A triumphant Mr.Trump emerges from the biggest test of his presidency emboldened, ready to claim exoneration, and take his case of grievance, persecution and resentment to the campaign trail,” Trump continued, crediting the story to author Peter Baker.

“The Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!” he concluded.

Trump appears to have changed the quote from “when you strike at a king” to “the king.”

While Trump’s tweeting of the message was meant to highlight what he sees as praise and exoneration of any crimes, the title of the article called Trump’s image “stained in history” by the impeachment trial.

Since the post went public, “you are not a king” has been trending on Twitter. Critics posted memes and responded to his post, admonishing him for likening himself to a king.

Barb McQuade, a Michigan law professor, expressed her concern via social media.

“This may be the most sinister tweet Trump has ever posted. He is comparing himself with a king and threatening to use his powers for revenge on those who questioned his abuse of power,” she tweeted.

The swift backlash highlights concerns in recent days that Trump will be emboldened by his acquittal, rather than chastened by the ordeal.

Critics say that Trump may have directed Attorney General William Barr to get involved in the case of Roger Stone. Barr intervened in the sentencing in order to ensure that the Trump associate will get a lighter sentence than the judge recommended.

The four prosecutors on the case quit after Barr’s intervention, and people have voiced concerns that the separation between the Oval Office and the Department of Justice has been blurred by the incident.

McQuade noted in her tweet that Barr had recently claimed that Trump’s tweets made it difficult to do his job and wondered if his most recent tweet raised any concerns for the attorney general.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Barr made headlines when he appeared to criticize the president’s method of communication after Trump praised Barr for stepping in on the Stone case. In response to Barr’s comments, critics argue that it only makes Barr’s attempts to subvert norms more difficult.

Critics have also pointed to Trump’s repeated joke that he will stay in office beyond two terms as evidence that he doesn’t respect the limitations of his office.

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