Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson Share A Kiss For A Sweet Valentine's Day Pic: 'A Kiss With A Cause'

Girlfriends Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson kissed for a new photo posted on both actresses' personal Instagram accounts earlier today, in celebration of Valentine's Day and to support the Kiss Cancer Goodbye campaign.

Benson posted the pic first on her account this morning while Delevingne shared hers about three hours after her girlfriend. Both of them spoke out about the campaign.

"A kiss with a cause," wrote Delevingne and Benson.

Their captions were matching, and each one presented the mission statement of the cause they were advocating.

For the photo, the two stars posed on a balcony overlooking a gorgeous sunset. Neither actress indicated where they were when taking the snapshot, but there were several palm trees visible in the background.

Benson cupped her girlfriend's neck and drew her in close for a liplock. Each woman had her eyes closed and appeared lovestruck. They also wore matching outfits, each one wearing a different shade of green. The former Pretty Little Liars star wore an olive green tank top while Delevingne sported a high-collared green blazer. Benson wore her recently-dyed brown hair in a low bun while the Paper Towns actress wore her blond locks in a messy top knot.

Within less than six hours, Delevingne's post earned over 2 million likes while Benson's Instagram share racked up greater than 1 million. Between the two stars, the image accumulated close to 21,000 comments from their adoring followers.

Fans of both women flocked to Delevingne's comments section to gush over the cute image. Several people wished them a happy Valentine's Day, and others said they were extremely happy for the pair and hoped they would remain together for a long time to come. Dozens of fans labeled them "couple goals."

"Love u both so much the best couple!" raved one admirer, adding a single red heart to their comment.

"Happy Valentine's Day my girl - this photo is so cute, so proud of you," wrote a second fan.

"BIG LOVE TO BOTH YOU QUEENS," contributed a third person, inserting a crown and two red heart emoji to their remark.

"My skin is clear, my crops are growing," teased actress Jessie Paege.

Several of the couples' famous pals, included Josh Gad, Xavier Dolan, Douglas Booth, and Marlene King, also liked and commented on their respective posts.

A couple of months ago, The Inquisitr reported that Benson had spent quality time with Delevingne and her family on a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Delevingne's sister, Chloe, shared several photographs of the entire group.