Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: The Truth About Wiley Being Jonah Is Finally Exposed

After months of anguish, new General Hospital spoilers confirm that the truth about Wiley’s identity will emerge during the week of February 17. There have been plenty of stops and starts with this storyline, and the timeline got pushed out a bit with recent, repeated preemptions. However, it seems it’s truly going to happen soon, and a few teasers about what’s ahead have emerged.

There had been speculation that the coming week would bring the spilling of this massive secret, and the new issue of Soap Opera Digest confirms it. Usually, SOD is able to reveal pretty significant General Hospital spoilers regarding what’s set to happen in the week to come. In this case, however, it looks like ABC is holding the specifics close to the vest.

According to SOD, Nelle will strike a deal in selling her ELQ shares. It looks like this will come via Valentin’s determination to take over ELQ, and Nelle will have the money she needed to put her plan into place. She will not waste much time in hinting at heartbreak for Michael and his family, but she’s not spilling the beans.

Nelle’s goal is essentially two-fold. She wants to keep Jonah far away from Michael, and she wants her son back. She hasn’t shared her plans with anybody, other than mentioning that she’s planning for a big payday and a trip after that. With Brad’s desperation to take Lucas and “Wiley” to Oregon, Nelle’s putting her own plans into overdrive.

There are a lot of people in Port Charles who care about this baby, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that these ties will be a big focus of the upcoming week.

“The things to look forward to are the power of the bond between Wiley and those who care for him — and those who care for him who have, perhaps, a more tenuous relationship with him, and how that will impact Nelle’s plan,” shared co-head writer Chris Van Etten.

“Nelle is nothing if not a creature of improvisation. When things do not go her way, she will find her own new way of manipulating circumstances. Viewers should be concerned about Wiley’s safety when Nelle is anywhere around him.”

How do those tidbits fit in with the other General Hospital spoilers that are available for the week of February 17? Fans can probably expect bits and pieces of this Wiley reveal to be spread out across the entire week.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see more with Nelle, Michael, Brad, and Lucas during Monday’s episode. Lucas will be having more flashbacks on Tuesday, and Nelle will make a quiet exit of some nature on Wednesday. At the end of the coming week, Michael will have some success of some sort, but Chase will have bad news to share.

Will Nelle manage to get out of Port Charles with the toddler? If she does manage to go on the run with Jonah, it’s easy to see how this could lead to Chase having to share bad news. As the truth that Wiley is Jonah spreads, Willow will be hit with the heartbreak of realizing that “Wiley” isn’t the child she placed for adoption and that her son died quite some time ago.

Spoilers for General Hospital tease that Nelle will still be around and causing complications as of the February 25 episode. Then, on February 28, Willow will share a shocker with Michael.

It sounds as if these General Hospital spoilers may mean that some people find out about Jonah next week, but that the revelations will continue into the week after that. Fans are anxious to see this finally happen, and the next couple of weeks should be pretty wild.

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