Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Reveal That The Wiley Secret Is About To Explode & Emotions Will Run High

The baby swap secret is finally ready to be revealed on General Hospital the week of February 17, and it’s expected to be quite an emotional ride. Fans are gearing up for the long awaited truth to be spilled as spoilers strongly hint that it is next week when Michael will finally learn that his son Jonah is still alive. While he will revel in his happiness, there is expected to be plenty of heartbreak and anger, as well.

As seen on Thursday’s show, Nelle is desperate to get out of town with her son, but it looks like there has been a bit of an interruption. Brad announced that he and Lucas were leaving town with Wiley and that has left Nelle having to think quickly. There are no details just yet on exactly how the truth will come out, but Lucas will be having flashbacks next week of his conversation with Brad before the accident. There are plenty of General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps for that same week with strong hints that it will be a rough one for many in Port Charles.

It could be that Lucas will remember everything, and Michael will overhear the secret. Or possibly Nelle will just spill the beans herself. The end of the week has Nelle trying to make an exit of some kind. This could be where she tries to leave town with Wiley.

Unfortunately for Willow Tait, she will be heartbroken over the news. It’s likely that Chase will be the one who breaks it to her, according to the spoilers. She will have a hard time accepting the fact that her baby is dead and will eventually shock Michael with something.

Julian, who was roped into keeping the secret with Brad, certainly won’t be getting out of this unscathed. More General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will unleash her anger on her dad. That is likely because she catches wind of his involvement with this whole ordeal. If Sonny finds out that Julian was keeping Michael from his son, there is going to be plenty of chaos.

The episodes leading up to the big reveal has Nelle on Friday’s show running to tell Chase and Willow about Brad’s plan to take his family and leave town. That won’t sit well with Willow. She already thinks that Brad doesn’t have Wiley’s best interests right now and this may just be the breaking point for her.

This story line has been a long time coming. General Hospital fans have spoken out on social media for the last few months that they are more than ready for Michael to get his son back. How this will all go down will soon be revealed in the next two weeks.

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