Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Nelle Will Go All-Out To Derail Brad’s Plan

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nelle will decide to pull out all the stops when it comes to making sure her biological son does not end up far away from her. Brad is desperate to keep his life from imploding, and he shared his idea with her about what he hopes to do next. As fans saw during Thursday’s episode, she wasn’t happy with what he shared.

During Thursday’s show, Brad told Nelle that he was hoping to move his family to Oregon to try to keep Lucas from remembering that Wiley is really Jonah. While Nelle doesn’t want Jonah with Michael, she certainly doesn’t want her son moving across the country away from her either.

Nelle has her own plans when it comes to Jonah’s future, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll quickly make multiple moves to try to regain control of this situation. Not only is she reaching out to Valentin to try to quickly sell her ELQ shares, but she’ll also soon reach out to Willow as well.

Willow and Nelle are not on good terms with one another, and Willow doesn’t even know the bombshell secret that Nelle has been hiding. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will try to use Willow’s love for Wiley to her advantage.

As Nelle waits to see how things come together regarding the sale of the ELQ stock to Valentin, General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will head to Chase and Willow’s place. SheKnows Soaps details that Willow will be interrupted during Friday’s show, and it looks like this interruption is Nelle’s visit. She won’t exactly be welcomed there, so it seems she’ll drop her bombshell from the doorway.

Nelle will tell Chase and Willow that Brad is planning on leaving Port Charles with Wiley and Lucas. Obviously, this will rattle Willow and that’s surely Nelle’s goal. It seems likely that she’ll hope that Willow will rush to talk to Brad and Lucas and get them to change their minds. If nothing else, Nelle might just be aiming to buy some time so she can get her ducks in a row and get her hands on Wiley herself.

ABC has promised that the truth about Wiley being Jonah will finally drop sometime soon. There are hints that this may actually happen in the coming week, and fans will be anxious to get additional General Hospital spoilers regarding the timeline on this.

Will Nelle blurt out the truth, will Brad come clean, or will Lucas remember and blow this up? Fans don’t know quite how this will finally be revealed, but General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s happening soon.