February 14, 2020
'The Masked Singer UK' Spoilers: Who Is Hedgehog? All Clues Revealed

On January 15, the final episode of The Masked Singer's first U.K. season will take place. The remaining contestants are Queen Bee, Octopus, and Hedgehog.

Over the past few weeks, Hedgehog has had viewers struggling to identify who it could be. As the episodes have gone on, fans have come up with multiple names of who might be singing underneath the prickly costume.

It is clear that Hedgehog is a male with a unique voice. Each week, they have changed up their song choices and managed to keep viewers guessing. From Little Mix's "Black Magic" to Frank Sinatra's "My Way," Hedgehog has proved their versatility.

Warning: possible spoilers below.

Each week, viewers get given a new clue package, and so far, Hedgehog has given the following hints -- likes being in an ensemble and can't wait to have a ball, had a job which meant he died every night at 8.30 p.m., more active at night, more introverted than people might think, and has some sort of connection to The Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray.

Popular guesses among fans have been Luke Evans, Tony Hadley, Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, and Michael Crawford, per Radio Times.

Denise Van Outen, who was revealed as Fox last week, said on Loose Women that she thinks Hedgehog could be Evans because the actor is also an amazing singer and recently released an album.

It was also suggested that it might also be Piers Morgan. However, the Good Morning Britain host shut down that rumor instantly.

"[There is] more chance of me being unveiled as the next Pope," he said.

Fans on social media have continued to tweet their guesses, and everyone appears to be divided.

"If Hedgehog isn't @JasonManford I swear! Curtains in the background when he's singing, Manchester references, comedian, theatre, HAS TO BE. Although I was 100% on Unicorn being John Barrowman," one user wrote.

"Hedgehog is either Michael Ball or Alfie Boe on #MaskedSinger," another shared.

"God I still think hedgehog is either Alfie Boe or Luke Evans #MaskedSinger," a third viewer remarked.

Hedgehog will be competing against Queen Bee and Octopus, who have also landed themselves in the final. Tomorrow night, one of them will be crowned the winner.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, popular guesses for Queen Bee have been Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall and Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts.

As for Octopus, viewers are convinced it's Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins.

For its first season, the U.K. version of The Masked Singer bagged themselves some big names to take part, including Kelis, CeeLo Green, and Skunk Anansie's Skin, per Wales Online.

According to Smooth Radio, a source close to the show said it was a no-brainer for ITV to go for a second season.