Missouri Parent Allegedly Got Onto A School Bus And Pulled A Gun

A Missouri parent is accused of getting onto a school bus and pulling a gun during a fight between children, St. Louis’ KSDK-TV reports. Now the school district involved says they are taking steps to ensure such an incident doesn’t happen again.

On Wednesday morning, a bus was carrying students from the Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade Center, a school in the Ferguson-Florissant School District in the St. Louis suburbs. The bus approached a stop where some girls were apparently fighting.

One of the children involved in the fight was the daughter of Christian Goodson. Police say that as the children tried to board the bus, Goodson attempted to follow them onto the vehicle.

However, the bus driver and the two monitors on the vehicle tried to prevent him from climbing aboard — that is, until he allegedly produced a gun. According to police, the adults feared that Goodson would “open fire,” so they let him on the bus.

Parent Lisa Bishop said that once she realized an adult armed with a gun was on board the school bus, all she could think about was getting her child off.

“When he did that, I was just trying to remove her from the situation, because I only have one child to live for,” she said.

According to police, while Goodson was on the bus, he allegedly threatened the driver and the monitors, as well as some of the children, saying, “you got what you wanted.” The terrified children ran towards the back of the bus.

After about 37 seconds on the bus, during which time Goodson allegedly tried to badger children into fighting, he left the bus, bringing his own two children with him. By this time, the bus driver had radioed for help and police were on their way.

Goodson was later taken into custody. He’s been charged with seven counts of child endangerment, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, second-degree property damage, and fourth-degree assault. Authorities say the gun he allegedly brought onto the school bus was loaded.

On Wednesday afternoon, as St. Louis’ KTVI reports, parents, children, and some members of the media gathered at the bus stop to talk things over.

Parent Delma Marshall said she was terrified when the reality of what happened hit her.

“When I saw the police and the bus it was like…wow… to know that someone had a gun on the bus is scary,” she said.

In an email to parents, school administrators said that the district is cooperating with law enforcement in investigating the incident.

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