NRA Hires Two New Second Amendment Rights Commentators

The National Rifle Association (NRA) hired two new Second Amendment rights commentators this week. The newest members of the NRA News team area Natalie Foster, editor of Girls Guide to Guns, and Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL. Earlier this month the gun owners organization hired popular YouTube personality, Colion Noir.

NRA News released a video on Monday to introduce the gun rights commentators to the website audience and association members. Natalie Foster did not mince words when sharing her views about the AR-15 rifle. The Girls Guide to Guns editor said, “They have no idea what the difference is between a shotgun and an AR-15, and they think AR-15s are fully automatic, which is completely false.”

Natalie Foster grew up in Texas but largely considered shooting a “guy thing” until she moved to Los Angeles. When she went back home to visit family and friends, she discovered she got plenty of face time with the ladies, but was not spending much time with her male relatives. Foster decided to cross over into the testosterone-infused realm so she could spend some quality time with the guys as well. The new NRA commentator’s “love affair” with weapons began shortly thereafter.

Former Navy SEAL Raso said that the “killing machine” here, when pointing to his head. Colion Noir maintains the AR-15 is not the most destructive type of firearm, but point out that the weapon is extremely effective – which is why the young man wants to buy one.

During one of Noir’s recent NRA News segments he pointed out that gun control is not a solution to the violence problem. Noir feels is amounts to merely putting a bandage on a bullet hole.

The three new NRA commentators may help dispel the stereotypes some people have about persona of gun owners, according to The Blaze. All three are young, well-educated, and are focused primarily on the shooting sports and self-defense aspects of gun ownership.

The Girls Guide to Guns website sprang from a desire to create an online venue for women who loved shooting sports just as much as they loved the new spring fashion line. Natalie Foster is an all-around athlete, she also enjoys surfing, dancing, skiing, and even makes a little time for fishing and painting.

One of the goals of her website was to empower women to explore fields traditionally dominated by men, so the ladies too could enjoy all the fun.

What do you think about the new NRA commentators?

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