Carson Palmer Targeted By Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are interested in Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer may not be a free agent yet, but he’s not expected to be an Oakland Raider much longer. When Oakland finally releases him, its being rumored the Arizona Cardinals are targeting him.

If Carson Palmer is being targeted by the Arizona Cardinals, he would become the unquestioned starter on team that has lacked leadership at the position since Kurt Warner retired. In 2008 Warner led the Cardinals to the Super, Bowl but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In 2011 the Oakland Raiders traded for Carson Palmer, who was unhappy on the Cincinnati Bengals. He was so miserable he refused to play, despite being in the middle of a $100 million contract. That same season the Arizona Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb. Arizona gave the former Philadelphia Eagle a six year, $65 million contract extension.

Poor play and a number of injuries to Kevin Kolb have sent the Arizona Cardinals back to the drawing board two years later.

Poor play from Carson Palmer has sent the Oakland Raider back to the drawing board also. The Raiders are looking to rebuild around a younger quarterback after a 4-12 season that saw them miss the playoffs for the eleventh straight season.

There is a lot to like for Arizona Cardinal fans if Carson Palmer is being targeted. He is a very statistically consistent quarterback who has never posted a QB rating lower than 80 in a full season. When a team has talent, he can help them win.

The Arizona Cardinals have talent. They have a future Hall of Fame wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and a strong defense that keeps the team in games when the offense struggles.

If Carson Palmer is released by the Oakland Raiders, who want to give the younger and more mobile Terrelle Pryor a shot to start, the Arizona Cardinals would be a good fit.

Before Carson Palmer can be targeted by the Arizona Cardinals he has to be released. If the Raiders are considering benching Palmer in favor of Terrelle Pryor though, it is likely they will let him go. No team wants to pay a back up the $13 million Palmer is schedule to make next year.

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is also very high on new quarterback Drew Stanton.

Do you think Carson Palmer’s days as an Oakland Raider are over? Would the Arizona Cardinals be a good fit?