Jenelle Evans Dishes On Which Of Her Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars She Still Talks To

MTV cut ties with Jenelle Evans last year. Since then, fans have wondered if the mom-of-three has kept in touch with any of her former Teen Mom 2 co-stars. It turns out that Jenelle has kept in touch with at least one of them, recently revealing to Pop Culture who she talks to and why she has kept to herself when it comes to her other former co-stars.

On her final season of the show, Jenelle traveled from her home in North Carolina to Florida to film with Briana DeJesus, who also appears on the show. According to Jenelle, Briana is the one girl from the show that she has managed to keep in touch with.

In regards to keeping in touch with Briana, Jenelle said they talk “here and there.”

“Other than that, I really don’t talk to anybody,” Jenelle admitted.

Jenelle hasn’t always gotten along with the other cast members, and she had a public feud with Kailyn Lowry before MTV cut ties with her. In fact, on Jenelle’s final season, a video of her setting fire to a “peace offering” gift from Kail was shown.

Despite their differences, Kailyn reached out to Jenelle and asked her to be a guest on her Coffee Convos podcast. While fans would have loved to listen to Jenelle as a guest on Kail’s podcast, which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley, Jenelle turned down the offer and opened up about why she chose to do so.

“I know that recently, Kail has reached out to me about a month or two ago asking me to be on her podcast, and I declined. For many reasons.”

Jenelle didn’t go into detail about why she decided to turn down Kail’s offer, though.

For nearly a decade, Jenelle shared her life alongside Kailyn, as well as cast members Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska. While she and Kailyn may not exactly be on speaking terms, some may wonder if things are different for Jenelle and her other former co-stars. Jenelle explained that she hasn’t reached out to either Chelsea or Leah, nor have they reached out to her. She explained that she is keeping to herself and letting her former co-stars do their thing.

“I’m gonna do my thing, so I’m trying to keep things civil between everyone. You’ve gotta think about your future with other people, and you’ve gotta think about [that] you might run into them someday. Can’t hate each other forever,” she said.

While it doesn’t appear that the women will be co-stars again as Jenelle’s contract with MTV is up in April, she recently revealed that things could change “in a minute.”