Meghan McCain Questions Joe Biden & Jill About Beau On ‘The View’

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, appeared on The View today, and co-host Meghan McCain asked the couple about their late son, Beau. Beau died from the same type of brain cancer that took Meghan’s father, Sen. John McCain.

Although Meghan is a Republican and the Bidens are Democrats, the co-host noted that the Biden family helped her tremendously during and after her dad’s battle with cancer. Meghan admitted that the Bidens brought her family much comfort during and after her father’s illness. She asked Joe and Jill if they feel Beau with them as they’re campaigning this time around.

Jill answered that there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t wake up and think about her late stepson. She noted how Beau had played a big part in the family’s campaigning in the past. Then, Joe stated that Beau, who passed away at 46-years-old in 2015, was the go-to guy for their whole family.

“Beau was Hunt’s 13th rib. Beau was my soul, and Hunt’s my heart,” said the former vice president.

He went on to mention that if things were different, it would be Beau running for the Democratic presidential nomination instead of him. However, Joe said that because of President Donald Trump, he is running in Beau’s stead. Biden stated that Trump is the antithesis of everything they’ve stood for in his family, as well as in the country. Joe said that every morning he wakes up and hopes that Beau is proud of him because, before he died, Beau made the family promise that it would not walk away.

The clip received 40 retweets and more than 160 likes after The View tweeted it. Plus, dozens of Twitter users also wrote replies.

“I like Joe Biden. I’m sorry for his personal losses. I don’t agree with some of his past political policies. I think we need a better visionary for the future. But if he is the nominee, I will vote for him and get out the vote,” replied one would-be voter.

“He would be Proud of @JoeBiden. A good man with intelligence and integrity for sure,” another Twitter user wrote.

However, some did not appreciate the former vice president’s appearance on the show and his personal account of Beau.

“Oh God, he’s using his tragedy to gain votes. What a sleazeball. Typical politician,” claimed one viewer.

“The whole family is corrupt been getting billions in government contracts for their companies who they work for that they do not have any skills for,” declared another.

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