NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Are ‘100 Percent Done’ With Tom Brady, Former Teammate Says

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

The New England Patriots are moving on from Tom Brady, a former teammate says.

Speaking on New England sports talk station WEEI this week, retired Patriots tight end Christian Fauria said that signs are clear that the team has moved on and will be finding a new quarterback. Saying the team is “100 percent done” with Brady, Fauria added that it appears the Patriots have come to terms with the major change and are ready to move on.

“The next time he shows up at Gillette Stadium it will be either as a guest playing for another team or getting a red jacket,” Fauria said.

There has been plenty of speculation about Brady’s future as he prepares to test free agency for the first time in his career. The future Hall of Fame quarterback’s contract will void if he cannot agree to terms with the Patriots on a new deal by March 18, and his contract forbids the Patriots from applying the franchise tag.

Brady, who has not been among the top-paid quarterbacks in the NFL after taking some team-friendly deals that allowed the Patriots to surround him with talent, is expected to make at least $30 million a year in what will be a crowded free agent crop, the New York Post noted. It was not clear who the Patriots could target as a replacement if Brady were to leave.

Fauria suggested that this has been a plan all along for the Patriots and noted that Brady appears to be ready to move on as well. He pointed out that the Patriots quarterback liked a social media post announcing that Philip Rivers was moving on from the Los Angeles Chargers.

“I think the Patriots knew they weren’t signing him before the season started,” Fauria said.

“I don’t think they want him for $13 million, I don’t think they want him period, and I think that Brady knows it. Why do you like a tweet from the L.A. Chargers?”

Brady himself had been coy this season when asked what he planned to do next season, saying he has no intention to retire but not shedding any light on whether he would consider returning with the Patriots. In the absence of any clear plans from Brady, many have studied his social media for hints about his potential plans, including what appeared to be a cryptic post showing him walking out the tunnel at Gillette Stadium that turned out to be a teaser for a Super Bowl advertisement.