‘Vanderpump Rules’ Producers Reveal What It’s Like Filming With Lisa Vanderpump

The producers are sharing behind-the-scenes secrets.

Lisa Vanderpump is seen in her 'Vanderpump Rules' cast photo.
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

The producers are sharing behind-the-scenes secrets.

What is it like working with Lisa Vanderpump?

During a February 11 interview with BravoTV‘s The Daily Dish, producers of Vanderpump’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules, spoke about what it’s like working behind-the-scenes with the longtime reality star, who owns several successful restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

According to the producers, Vanderpump has been known to spend tons of time at all of her L.A. restaurants, including SUR Restaurant, PUMP Lounge, Villa Blanca, and TomTom, but when it comes to the venue that gets the most surprise visits from her, that honor goes to PUMP.

While members of the Vanderpump Rules cast are frequently seen bouncing between Vanderpump’s hotspots on the show, primarily SUR Restaurant and TomTom, the producers revealed that Vanderpump doesn’t run her restaurants together. Instead, each facility is run as an individual business.

As the cast is seen tending to their jobs — and their drama with one another — at the restaurants, the producers are constantly having to negotiate with Vanderpump about the lighting of the venues. After all, while Vanderpump’s restaurants are known for their romantic vibes with dim lighting and loud music, that doesn’t exactly make it easy for producers to get the shots they need for the show.

At SUR Restaurant, which Vanderpump Rules is based out of, producers are often met with fans who want to know if Vanderpump is nearby and hope to get selfies. So it’s not surprising that the reality star has her own table, Table 16, at the restaurant, where she prefers to spend her time and enjoy some privacy.

“It’s raised and sort of fenced off, so it’s where she can get the most privacy,” producers revealed.

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Needless to say, the staff of Vanderpump’s restaurants are always on their toes when the boss is around and actually argue about who will get to wait on her, and who will “make sure [her] English Breakfast tea is ready to go.” That said, they shouldn’t be waiting on her with hopes of a compliment. As the producers explained, Vanderpump isn’t quick to let anyone know when they’re doing well.

“So when she does, they’re extra special,” they stated.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Vanderpump quit her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after nine seasons last June. In the months since, her Vanderpump Rules cast mates have supported and applauded her decision to walk away from the drama of her former co-stars.