Reality Steve Sorts Through Rumors & Speculation Regarding ‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Filming With Crew This Week

This has been a busy week for fans who love The Bachelor spoilers, rumors, and wild speculative theories. Blogger Reality Steve has started to share some specifics regarding Peter’s ending and the drama ahead. In Reality Steve’s new blog post, he tries to sort through some of the latest questions and rumors that have had fans buzzing, attempting to put a few possibilities to rest.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, one of Peter’s frontrunners was spotted filming with a production crew in her hometown area in Alabama on Tuesday. Reality Steve shared some shots of Madison Prewett filming in a public area of Auburn, but even he isn’t exactly sure what was being filmed.

The Bachelor fans immediately went wild over this sighting, especially over one little detail that many noticed in the photos. It appeared that Madi was wearing a ring on her left ring finger, which prompted a lot of speculation that it was an engagement ring from the final rose ceremony with Peter.

While Madi may have been wearing a ring on that ever-important finger, Reality Steve did his best to dismiss any notion that this is an engagement ring from Peter.

“Even IF Madison is the final one, that final person does not get to keep/wear their ring while the show is airing,” Reality Steve detailed.

Long-time fans may recall that this is standard procedure within the franchise. Oftentimes during an After the Final Rose special, host Chris Harrison will pull out the engagement ring that was presented at a final rose ceremony and the lady gets the chance to put it on for the first time again since filming wrapped.

Not only that but The Bachelor spoilers previously detailed by Reality Steve indicated that there was no proposal at the final rose ceremony. Peter and his pick may have gotten engaged since then, but at this point, the spoiler king doesn’t think that’s been the case either.

People also started speculating that this filming might signal that Madi is not Peter’s final one, but that she has already been chosen as The Bachelorette. It is true that leads, and sometimes even potential leads who don’t end up with the gig, do usually do some pre-filming in their hometown. Sometimes, that even happens before an official announcement had been made.

However, as Reality Steve notes, this is far too early for production to be filming introductory footage for The Bachelorette.

“They don’t film Bachelorette intro packages a month in advance. Has nothing to do with that. Plus, I don’t believe there’s any way Madison will be Bachelorette even if she isn’t with Peter,” Reality Steve noted.

What was Madi filming in Alabama on Tuesday? Reality Steve’s guess is that it could be footage that will be used at the end of the season as Peter’s ending and updates are revealed.

There are still plenty of unknowns when it comes to Peter’s ending and solid The Bachelor spoilers. Everybody will have to wait and see what Madi was filming on Tuesday, but it does seem safe to say she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring and wasn’t filming for The Bachelorette.

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