9-Year-Old California Girl Hikes After Crash To Get Help For Dying Dad

An SUV drove off the road in California over the weekend, plummeting over 200 feet and killing the driver. The survivor, a 9-year-old girl, hiked back up the embankment in search of help for her dying dad.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the accident took place in the middle of the night early Sunday morning. When the Ford Escape ran off the road, it flipped several times before coming to a rest upside down. The young girl smelled gasoline and turned off the vehicle. She freed herself and, after seeing that her dad was unresponsive, departed in search of help.

Her first stop was a home 1,000 feet away. A light extended out through the darkness, but when the girl knocked on the door, no one answered. The girl went back to check on her father before beginning her upward journey.

The girl tackled the difficult terrain between her and the Sierra Highway. Once there, she journeyed towards a commuter rail station about a mile away. She grabbed the attention of a passing motorist, who then called the police.

Unfortunately, it was too late. By the time police officers arrived at the SUV, the father was dead. Alejandro Renteria, 35, had died from injuries sustained in the crash. Police suspect alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

A young girl walking alone at in the dark of night is never the setup for a good story. Any number of tragic events could have taken place that night, in addition to the father’s death. As it stands, the girl is being cared for at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She was treated for minor injuries, and families members told a local CNN affiliate that the girl is faring well, considering.

Not all children’s stories have a happy ending. The 9-year-old girl deserved a better reward for hiking in the dead of night to get her dying dad some help.

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