Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Spent Time Together At An Oscars After-Party

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

After their interaction backstage at the SAG Awards, there’s been plenty of gossip about the relationship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Pitt took home his first acting Oscar at Sunday night’s ceremonies, and following his win, he shared another, quick moment with his ex-wife, Page Six reports.

Sources told Page Six that both Pitt and Aniston were in attendance at Guy Osneary’s after-party on Sunday night. The sources continued by reporting that the two shared a moment together, but it was brief. Aniston offered Pitt her congratulations, but there was “no sizzle.” The couple parted ways after a brief time together and continued with their respective evenings.

Prior to attending Osneary’s party, Pitt was also seen at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. According to People, Pitt seemed to be in a good mood at that party and was seen talking to Rebel Wilson and Chelsea Handler before heading to the party where he ran into Aniston.

Pitt and Aniston shared a much more extended moment backstage at the SAG Awards after they had both been announced as winners. Reactions to that moment came from a wide array of people who were thrilled to see the couple reunite in what seemed to be a joyous moment, Vogue reported.

“Therapist: so what brings you in today? Me: *slams this picture of Brad Pitt holding Jennifer Anniston’s hand on the table*,” one user wrote over an image of Pitt grasping Aniston’s hand.


“GUYS Brad and Jen was YEARS ago ok ENOUGH already now would everybody PLEASE just STOP and tell me WHERE I should get this TATTOOED,” a third wrote over an image of them together.

This time around, the moment between Pitt and Aniston was much briefer. While the moment at the SAG Awards may have led some to hope for a rekindling of romance between the two, both Pitt and Aniston have insisted that they’re just friends.

In addition to Pitt and Aniston, there were plenty of other famous faces in attendance at Osneary’s party. Laura Dern, who won for her performance in Marriage Story, was there celebrating her win and her 53rd birthday. She even got a rendition of “Happy Birthday” from the crowd, Page Six reports.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were also in attendance, as was Kim’s sister Kourtney. Adam Sandler, Adam Driver, Florence Pugh, and Billie Eilish were all at the party as well.