James Franco Leaves Trash Everywhere, Say Annoyed Neighbors

James Franco

James Franco isn’t making any neighborhood friends. The actor reportedly leaves trash around his Los Angeles property, is constantly making noise, and frequently holds up traffic as guests and film crews visit his house.

According to TMZ, several neighbors have filed complaints against Franco to the L.A. Housing Department.

The complaints state that Franco leaves trash all over his property (which then blows onto neighboring lawns), that he pays no regard to parking laws on the street and that large trucks frequently block traffic, and that his security guards are very protective of the actor’s privacy but don’t care how it effects the neighbors.

This isn’t the first time that neighbors have complained about Franco.

Earlier this month an anonymous email from one of Franco’s neighbors was published on the Real Estate blog Curbed. The email claims that Franco has started a production company at his house which is causing havoc in the neighborhood.

The email reads: “Large white production trucks and various other vehicles block our driveway and use it as a loading zone and block our street with such regularity that we have begun calling parking enforcement to have them ticketed; racks of costumes come and go; crowds of people constantly stream in and out of the house and have business meetings in front of OUR house and treat us as if we are eavesdropping sycophants when we walk out our gate to our car; and as I write this, they’ve set up hair and make-up in their driveway.”


The email states that the neighbors are fans of some of Franco’s work, but they aren’t so “enamored at his presence that we are willing to give up our sanity in our own homes.”

Franco bought the home in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood in 2012 for $775,000.